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How to Remove Sunscreen Stains From Clothes

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Sunscreen preserves your skin from harmful UV rays, however it may be difficult to get it out of clothes. Fabrics can be left with pigments showing through oil and chemical substances intended to leave stubborn marks on your clothes.
Removing these chemical caused stains is difficult but also possible with a bit of hassle. Getting rid of these rusty brown stains requires some remedies and cleaning equipment. Explore this guide to know how you can clean up sunscreen off your clothes.

DIY Methods for Removing Sunscreen Stains

Pat the stain instead of rubbing

Wipe away the sunscreen right after you catch it using a microfiber towel. Don't try to rub it off, as it will only extend on the surface area of your material.

Coat Baking Soda or Corn flour over it

Add cornstarch or baking soda over the stain to soak up the oils and let the bond weaken. Wait for about 15 minutes and then brush it off. Brushing or scrubbing away the excessive soda will lighten the stain eventually.

Pre-Treat with Liquid Detergent

Follow the correct pretreatment when trying to clean stubborn sunblock stains. Spill liquid based detergent over the surface and rub against the stain in order to get rid of it. Make sure to leave and set for about a good 10 minutes prior to washing it off with lukewarm water.

Make a DIY Stain Removing Solution; Dip in

Take one portion of white vinegar with two portions of warm water, making a solution out of it. By mixing these two you can have your stain removing agent. Soak the stained surface for half an hour until the stain vanishes, as vinegar would work as the bond breaker and absorb oils from the sunblock.

Use Strong Detergent to Wash

Clean the garment using very hot water that is safe for the fabric and a strong detergent. Heat could help to set the stain off the fabric. Check again to confirm this later if the fabric needs a good wash again. Repeat the process to get the stain off the surface.

Apply Commercial Stain Remover

Before you decide to wash it again, apply commercial stain remover on those stubborn stains. Pretreating stains is essential to remove the mark nicely. Make sure the stain is vanished otherwise repeat.

In addition, if you opt to go for the professional dry cleaning service in the UK, it will be a wiser decision as compared to the DIY approach as it would take more time and energy. Whereas, the professional cleaners are knowledgeable and qualified.

In the UK, Gold dry cleaners serve as your assisting partner to make sunscreen stain removal easier and quicker. We can remove every kind of stain whether dirt patches or the sunblock marks.

Employ the Ultimate Cleaning Services; Choose Gold Dry Cleaners

Known for its exceptional quality and service in the UK, particularly London, Gold Dry Cleaners specialize in standard garment care as well as high-end garment care, ensuring that even difficult stains like sunscreen are expertly treated.

Gold Dry Cleaners remove stains using advanced cleaning methods and environmentally friendly solutions which are effective in getting rid of dirt marks or any other stains such as sunscreen marks without compromising on fabric quality.

Our services entail specialized cleaning and the best dry cleaning services in London with professional customer dealing and conventional pickup and delivery options. You can get rid of stubborn sunscreen stains by entrusting Gold dry cleaners.


Though at home, you can intend to remove sunscreen stains off your clothes. However, the process is not only time consuming but also difficult.

If you want an effective way that is convenient and quick for you then try using any good dry cleaning service provider such as Gold Dry Cleaners in the UK that offer high level dry cleaning skills, modern equipment and use environmentally friendly methods to take care of your clothes.

Visit our website and book your pickup slot easily to experience a revitalized and fresh clothing experience with our dry cleaning service in London. Get rid of stains fast with our professional helping hands.

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