Why Waste Your Precious Time on Laundry? Let Gold Dry Cleaners Do It For You!

If you are looking for a laundry service that is fast, convenient, and affordable, look no further than Gold Dry Cleaners. We are the best laundry cleaning service in London, offering quality work, pickup and delivery, and competitive prices. Whether you need to wash your clothes, curtains, duvets, or suits, Gold Dry Cleaners does cleaning with a touch of gold.
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Wide Scope of Service

Gold Dry Cleaners offers a wide range of laundry services in London. Whether you need us for your commercial space or residential, we have diverse expertise for any fabric.

Fully Vetted, Insured, Qualified Cleaner

We have hired professional cleaners who are handy in dealing with fabric. They employ state-of-the-art machinery and eco-friendly products to ensure the best care for your drapes.




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We will collect your laundry at your chosen date and time including late night and Sundays



Premium materials and technologies are used to clean your garments to the highest standard guaranteeing treatment with care.



Same day delivery available free of charge for all orders above £30. Contactless delivery available.

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Minimum order value is £20.

Please note that the final price may vary and it will be calculated after the cleaning process

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Our Promise


On-Time Delivery

Whether you need urgent service or are flexible on our schedule, we ensure to deliver your orders on time.


Stainless Clothes

We promise stainless clothes, delivering every customer impeccably clean and pristine garments.


Affordable Services

We offer competitive prices for our services. This way, you can have a fresh look without breaking the bank.

Online Wash & Laundry Cleaning Service London

Laundry cleaning involves washing, drying, and ironing clothes and other fabrics. It can be done at home or by a professional service. Laundry cleaning is essential for people and businesses in London for various reasons:
Not only does it maintain hygiene and health by removing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites that can cause infections and diseases from dirty clothes, It also helps to preserve the quality and appearance of clothes by removing stains and restoring the colour, texture, and shape of clothes that can be affected by dirt, sweat, oil, food, or other substances.
It also saves time and energy by taking care of the laundry needs of busy individuals who have a lot of clothes to wash. Moreover, it complies with regulations and standards that some businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and offices, need to follow regarding the cleanliness and hygiene of their fabrics.
Gold Dry Cleaners is a professional laundry cleaning service that operates in London. We work simply and conveniently. You can book your laundry online or by phone and choose the type of service you want, such as wash and fold, wash and iron, dry cleaning, or special care. We conveniently pick up the laundry from the customer’s location using eco-friendly bags and vehicles.
We clean the laundry at our state-of-the-art facility using high-quality detergents, softeners, and equipment. We follow your instructions and preferences and handle the laundry with care. Then, we deliver the laundry back to your location within your mentioned deadline, ensuring that the laundry is clean, fresh, and neatly folded or hung.




Is there a minimum order amount?

No, there is no minimum order limit. However, we will charge £30 for a laundry pickup service.

How fast will my order be processed?

Our standard laundry and dry cleaning service, the turnaround time is 24 hours or same-day service. We also provide express cleaning services with just a few hours turnaround time.

Is your dry cleaning eco-friendly?

Yes, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and make our processes as eco-friendly as possible by using electric vehicles for delivery and collection. We also use eco-friendly detergents and solvents for all our Online Laundry Service Near Me and dry cleaning.

What does the hotel laundry service near me include?

Laundry service in a hotel that washes and irons visitors’ garments. The laundry service will wash, dry, and iron your garments. In two hours, our laundry service can clean and return the clothing.

Is a domestic laundry service worth it?

You receive all of the time invested in the two or three washing and dryer cycles you’ll run on laundry day back when you use a laundry service. Your laundry service will also fold your items, saving time and effort. If you’re struggling with your laundry, a laundry service can help you reclaim your time.

What is a full laundry collection service near me?

Full-service laundry is a paid service that includes washing, drying, folding, and hanging your clothing on hangers. You have the option of dropping off your laundry or having it picked up at your home, workplace, or hostel.