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Save Your Valuable Time with Wash And Fold Services in London

Welcome to London's premier wash and fold cleaning company, where luxury meets impeccable service. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional services tailored to meet your needs. Read on to find out!

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Our Services

Diversified Services

Gold Dry Cleaners offers a diverse range of dry cleaning services, from everyday garments to speciality items, ensuring all your clothing needs are met with expert care and precision.

Gentle On Clothes

We employ the latest dry cleaning methods to ensure your clothes are cleaned and wrinkle-free and won’t be worn out sooner. We have years of expertise and know how to deal with any fabric

How Gold dry cleaners works

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Made Easy


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We will collect your laundry at your chosen date and time including late night and Sundays


Premium materials and technologies are used to clean your garments to the highest standard guaranteeing treatment with care.


Same day delivery available free of charge for all orders above £30. Contactless delivery available.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Prices

Our dry cleaning prices are simple and affordable. Check out our price list below:

Express 24Hours Service










Ironing Only










Shoe Repair


This is regular laundry.

100x Advance Payment Pack

£ 250 0 +

5 Shirts On Hanger

£ 15 0 +

5 Shirts Wash & Fold

£ 17.5 0 +

Hung Shirt

£ 4 0 +

Hung T Shirt

£ 4 0 +

Folded Shirt

£ 5 0 +

Folded T Shirt

£ 5 0 +

Ladies Shirt

£ 4 0 +

5 Ladies Shirts

£ 18 0 +


£ 8.95 0 +

Silk Blouse

£ 9.95 0 +

50x Shirts Advance Payment Pack

£ 150 0 +

20x Shirts Advance Payment Pack

£ 60 0 +

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Price Estimator

The estimate is for your information only. The final price will be calculated once we clean your items.


Minimum order value is £20.

Please note that the final price may vary and it will be calculated after the cleaning process

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Our Promise


On-Time Delivery

Whether you need urgent service or are flexible on our schedule, we ensure to deliver your orders on time.


Stainless Clothes

We promise stainless clothes, delivering every customer impeccably clean and pristine garments.


Affordable Services

We offer competitive prices for our services. This way, you can have a fresh look without breaking the bank.

Best Wash And Fold Service in London


If you are searching for a way to make your life easier and remove one more duty from your to-do list, you might consider hiring us, who wash, fold, and deliver your clothes.
One of those unavoidable but unpleasant responsibilities around the house is doing the laundry. If you don't know how to do it most effectively, it takes a lot of time, is taxing on your body, and can be expensive.

The good news is that we will wash and fold your clothes and assist you with this weekly chore. We’re ideal for people with a lot going on, such as busy families, working professionals, students, or anyone who despises washing laundry.
In recent years, there has been a rise in demand for laundry services, including washing and folding clothes. They provide a service that eliminates the need to do the laundry and offers a handy and inexpensive alternative.




What is the difference between laundry and washing and folding?

The phrase "wash and fold" is commonly used to describe having one's garments professionally cleaned at a dry cleaner or laundry service.

Do you clean all types of bedding?

Yes, we dry clean everything from pillowcases to duvet covers and comforters. Get the best wash and fold near-me service with Gold Dry Cleaners.

How can I use wash and fold near me laundry services?

You can contact our local laundry business and arrange a time for your goods to be picked up by calling or sending a message. You can also contact us via our website.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just fill out the form, and you’ll be part of GDC’s laundry family.

I just remembered that I had to put my clothes out. Is there a missed pickup fee?

You can set up your account to receive email and text reminders to ensure you don’t forget. However, if you fail to leave your laundry out, we reserve the right to charge a missed pickup fee to cover costs.

How often can I change or update my laundry preferences?

Whenever you want! Some clients have specific washing and folding instructions, so they update their profile just before each pickup.