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How to Read Laundry Care Labels

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Are you guilty of giving a cursory glance to the care label on your favourite blouse before chucking it in the laundry hamper vowing to hand wash it? Do you find laundry and washing symbols confusing and mindboggling? Then you have come to the right site. Gold Dry Cleaners are one of the most premier laundry services in London and in this blog, we will share some insight on how to read laundry care symbols properly to maximize the life of your clothes! This essential guide has everything to prevent you ever having to find your garments shrunken, discoloured or simply damaged beyond repair.

Dry Cleaning Symbols:

  • A hole circle shows that this garment is appropriate for dry cleaning.
  • A circle with a letter shows a sure chemical is to be used for dry cleaning.
  • A circle with a pass shows that garment is now not appropriate for dry cleaning.
  • Line to the higher left stands for decreased moisture to be used in dry cleaning.
  • A line to the higher proper represents no move finishing.
  • A line to the backside proper symbolizes dry cleansing on low heat.
  • Line to the backside left capacity dry cleansing for brief cycles.

Bleaching Symbols:

  • A triangle symbol indicates that your item is suitable for bleaching.
  • A cross over the triangle symbolizes “Not suitable for bleaching”.
  • Two lines inside the triangle are to show case usage of non-chlorine bleaching.

Ironing Symbols:

  • A plain iron symbol show that the item can be ironed at any temperature.
  • Dots in the iron symbol indicate the temperature and material of the item:
  • Three dots indicate higher temperatures for cotton products.
  • Double dots symbolize medium temperatures for synthetic products.
  • Single dot represents low temperatures for woolen and silk products.
  • A cross represents that the garment should not be ironed at any temperature.
  • Two lines on the bottom of iron cross symbol indicate that “steaming is not suitable”.

Drying Symbols:

  • A hollow circle inside a square indicates that garment can be tumble dried.
  • Dots inside the circle represent the temperature for drying. A single dot is for low temperatures, two for medium and three dots are for greater temperatures
  • A cross symbol indicates that the item should not be tumble dried.
  • Three vertical lines inside a square represents drip drying.
  • Square with a single horizontal line is for flat drying.
  • Square with curved line means you should hang the item for drying.

Laundry Symbols:

  • Machine symbol depicts that this item is machine washable.
  • Different numbers on the machine symbol are used to indicate ideal temperatures for the products to be washed at.
  • Hand symbol indicates that item should only be hand washed.
  • Cross symbol represents that item is not suitable for washing.
  • Wringing label means that your item can be wrung while washing.
  • Cross over the wringing indicates that your product is not suitable for wringing.

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