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Cleaning Tips For Bedding

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Clean to Perfection

By admin

There is nothing like a freshly made bed with soft pillows, clean sheets and a fragrant duvet cover. A good night’s sleep leaves one reinvigorated for the day ahead. In a recent poll by the National Sleep Foundation, roughly three quarters of people say they get a more comfortable night’s sleep on sheets with fresh scent. Because better sleep means better mood, greater productivity and less lethargy, it is worthwhile to keep your bedding as clean as possible.

Read on to find out some expert tips to keep your bedding immaculate:

  • Wash bed sheets, pillow covers and duvet covers at least once a week. The accumulation of skin, oils and sweat can cause unpleasant odour and the build up of bacteria.
  • Use the hottest temperature setting the fabric can sustain while washing your bedding. The high temperatures will kill dust mites and bacteria. For cotton, hot water can be used whereas for polyester it is usually best to use warm water.
  • Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. Especially during the summer months, try to air dry your sheets and pillow cases.
  • Use gentle eco friendly solvents and fabric conditioners.
  • Wash your sheets separately from clothing and other items. This will prevent them from getting balled up or tangled.
  • When washing feather items like pillows and duvets, be cautious. It is best to leave it to the experts like Gold Dry Cleaners and have them washed professionally. Because they are dense, pillows and duvets take longer to dry hence, posing the risk of mould if washed at home.
  • Try to get your pillowcases and sheets professionally ironed. This will get rid of any remaining bacteria. At Gold Dry Cleaners , we offer wash and iron services at very affordable rates. Check out our website for prices.

Beyond bedding, make sure to replace bed sheets once they are worn out (about every 2 years). Open windows to let fresh air in and prevent stuffiness. Taking good care of your sleeping environment will give you improved sleep and set you up for the day ahead.

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