Bleach Symbols and Labels on Clothes Explained

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Bleach Symbols and Labels on Clothes Explained

While doing laundry, it is very important to look at the label on the back of the garment paying special attention to symbols. A triangle on care labels is a symbol for bleach. If the triangle is empty, any bleaching agent can be used but if there are stripes or lines inside the triangle, a non chlorine bleach needs to be used instead.

Non chlorine bleaches also known as oxygen bleaches are safe to be used on coloured fabrics and clothes. If there is an “X” through it, bleach should not be used.

However, figuring out symbols and treating each item in your laundry basket can be tough. This is why Gold Dry Cleaners have developed our 24 hours a day 7 days a week service to get the mundane chore of laundry off your hands.

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we have more than three decades of experience of cleaning all types of fabrics and materials. Our in house operations have allowed us to develop into a specialist dry cleaning company with a strong focus on quality and customer retention.

Gold Dry Cleaners operate out of 162 Old Brompton Road Chelsea till 6 pm but we are always a phone call or website order away if you need cleaning or ironing done out of hours.

Gold Dry Cleaners operate on a simple three step process which involves the customer placing an order on our website The order is then picked up from the customer’s location during the allocated time slot. The garments are brought back to our factory where they are inspected by one of our team members and cleaned/washed/ironed as specified by the customer.

After treatment, the order is delivered back to the customer. Our delivery drivers are well trained and know the whole process we use at our factory inside out. This gives us the opportunity to help our customers have their queries and concerned addressed upon pick up rather than later.

Gold Dry Cleaners use the best eco friendly solvents that are gentle on clothes but tough on stains. We endeavor to provide premium quality cleaning to all our valuable customers and if a team member is not happy with the results achieved, the items are re cleaned before delivery.

We clean everything from backpacks and shoes to fur jackets and rugs. Our specialist industrial sized equipment is regularly upgraded to ensure consistent quality and we do not scrimp by overloading our machines. Each customer order at Gold Dry Cleaners is treated and cleaned separately.

We have been following this practice since Pre-Covid times to prevent any cross contamination from occurring. Gold Dry Cleaners have a platform where you can order to have your shoe heels repaired or even your skirts shortened. Despite our vast portfolio and consistent quality, we try to keep our prices low.

Our company aims to target the masses and offer them specialist cleaning instead of just focusing on a small segment of elite society. Order your dry cleaning or from Dry Cleaners today and we will provide you with “Value you can trust”

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