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How to save energy doing laundry

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How to save energy doing laundry

Laundry, often regarded as one of the most mundane chores by most Britons also costs quite a dear amount. Since most of us have a few loads of laundry to do each week, it is worth taking steps to ensure our laundry habits are as energy-efficient as can be. Read on to find a few helpful hints on how to save energy while doing your laundry.

For the washer:

Build up your load:

Your washing machine will use the same amount of energy regardless of how many clothes there are in it. Build up your load of dirty garments before running your washer.

Opt for cold water when possible:

Instead of using hot water to do your laundry, opt for lower temperatures. There are now special detergents designed to wash with cold water with the same stain removal capabilities!

Do not over wash:

If you are one of those people who like to throw their item in the laundry hamper after wearing it just once, think again. Some clothes like jeans and skirts as well as outerwear do not need to be washed frequently. Cut down on your laundry load by wearing an item more than once.

Pretreat stains prior to loading the washing machine:

Using solvents or just good old home made remedies like bicarbonate soda and vinegar to get rid of stains before putting the soiled garment in the washing machine. This will help you get the garment clean in one go rather than having to rewash it several times.

Invest in an energy efficient washing machine:

Make an informed choice for your family by comparing annual energy consumption figures as well as capacity and prices across the board. Choose a machine which allows you to cut energy and water bills while keeping your and germ free.

For the dryer:

Air dry whenever you can:

The British weather is mostly bipolar with clouds and rain one minute and warm sunshine the next. Make use of whenever the sun is shining by hanging your clothes to dry outside. In Winters, you can get a folding stand and place it next to a radiator to dry your clothes naturally while saving on energy that would be consumed by your dryer.

Dry the right sized loads:

When you have no choice but to use a dryer, dry the right sized quantities in it. Big loads will take longer while smaller loads are not energy efficient either.

Clean the dryer’s lint filter regularly:

Not only is a clogged up lint filter a potential fire hazard but also reduces the efficiency of your dryer making it take much longer for the clothes to dry clean . Scrub the filter regularly (at least once a month) to improve air circulation.

Use the automatic sensor instead of timer:

If you have an automatic sensor option on your dryer, use it instead of setting the timer yourself. The sensor will automatically enable the dryer to stop running when the laundry is dry and prevent over drying/shrinkage as well.

Dry similar items together:

Do not dry heavier items like towels with lighter items such as delicates and silk. Wash them separately as well.

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