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4 Things You Need to Know to Dry Clean Corporate Wear in 2024

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Dry Clean

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Adding a new piece of cloth into your wardrobe is always exciting but you should know how to wash it after wearing this. Sometimes, people consider saving money and avoid dry cleaners, resulting in paying more for their peace of mind. In this article, you will cover all things you need to know to dry clean corporate wear.
You will get information about the professional dry clean collection. It is paramount for quality maintenance of your clothes and garments.

What Is Dry Cleaning and How Does it Work?

It is the process of cleaning clothes without water. Dry cleaning was introduced by the father of modern dry cleaning Jean Baptiste Jolly a French dye-works operator.

In this process, clothes are cleaned with organic solvent (typically toxic tetrachloroethylene) instead of detergents preventing delicate fabric of the garment. This process requires proper training experience and equipment.

Things You Need to Know to Dry Clean Corporate Wear

There are 4 things you must consider while dry cleaning corporate wear.

Fabrics That Need Professional Cleaning

Some fabrics need professional care, here's the list.

• Silk

In the matter of silk, you have to be careful about maintaining its structure and appearance. It is preferable to wash this fabric with professional dry cleaners to prevent its texture and color from distortion.

• Velvet

Velvet is also a delicate fabric because it is sensitive to moisture. That is why it should be dry cleaned as water shrinks the fabric and spots that are hardly removed.

• Wool

It is a natural fabric that can be washed at home or dried by cleaners. To avoid any unwanted experience, you must prefer to get it cleaned from suit dry cleaners in London instead of putting it into a washing machine.

• Leather

People love their vintage leather jackets, so they want to take care of them. For a quick fix, you can scrape off the residue from stains without using water and then take it to dry clean your coat or jacket to experts.

Trust Expert Dry Cleaners

Stain spoils the beauty of the fabric. It should be removed carefully. The most effective way of cleaning your corporate dress is to go for the suit dry cleaning service in London For this, experts have to be able to provide the best solutions for specific stains i.e. blood, grease, and grass.

Send Your Stained Clothes for Dry Cleaning Quickly

You have to be aware of how to send your stained clothes to a professional dry cleaning service. It significantly removes the stain immediately. If you wash clothes at home to remove these, it can lead to more damage to the fabric.

Pros & Cons of Dry Cleaning Your Garment

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of dry cleaning your clothes.


  • Convenience
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Great expertise
  • Meticulous care
  • Perseverance of fabric condition
  • No shrinking or fading


  • Expensive in price
  • Hazardous solvents
  • Not all-around solution


Can hand-wash items be dry-cleaned?

Yes, depending on the fabric a specific one requires special care.

Can you dry-clean anything?

No, it depends upon the garment.

Factors that can affect the cost of dry cleaning?

There are several factors affecting cleaning costs: overhead expenses, type of fabric, garment complexity, and so on.

Can all clothes be dry-cleaned?

Cotton, Knit, Polyester, and other synthetics are the fabrics that can be washed at home.

What does nettoyage à sec mean?

It is a French term for dry cleaning.

Is dry cleaning better than washing?

It depends upon the fabric. You should read the label instructions to select the cleaning method.


In brief, there are some vital factors that you need to know before giving your clothes to dry cleaners. Dry cleaning is necessary for specific fabrics as it does not involve water. You can consider all the instructions given above and can trust Gold Dry Cleaners.

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