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At Gold Dry Cleaners, we use special eco friendly solvents and the best quality British standard hydrocarbon solvent to dry clean your garments to a very high standard. Our dry cleaning solvents and methodology is tough on stains but gentle on the fabric maintaining it in pristine condition. We dry clean everything from couture garments and bespoke suits to Canada Goose jackets.

Specialist Dry Cleaning

We offer suede, leather and shirt dry cleaning with our team of experts working tirelessly to deliver back your garments in immaculate condition and looking good as new.
Everything from wedding dresses to bespoke suits are cleaned and preserved at our Old Brompton Road premises with all operations done in house and nothing outsourced to third parties so you can be assured of consistent quality with each order.

Express Dry Cleaning Services

If you are ever pressed for time and urgently need a suit or dress dry cleaned for that all important conference, look no further than Gold Dry Cleaners. We can collect, clean and deliver your items back to you within hours. Let Gold Dry Cleaners save the day and take all your worries away!
Dry Cleaning Service


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Pick Up And Delivery
Laundry is collected promptly by one of our delivery drivers.
Clothes and home linen are cleaned in house at our Old Brompton Road factory.
Your order is delivered back to you within 24 hours at the time slot you choose.


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You orders are processed at our factory in Old Brompton Road and nothing is outsourced to third parties. Consistent high quality is our promise!

If you are unhappy with the results, contact us and we will reprocess your order for free. Have any other questions or queries? Email or call us.

Our Online Dry Cleaners pay great attention to detail and are efficient with our collection and delivery times ensuring there is little to no waiting time for customers.

Same Day Dry Cleaning Services

Most of Gold Dry Cleaners customers avail the opportunity to get Same day dry cleaning done. most clients like to receive all dry cleaning back as quick as possible. Additionally with no extra charge same day dry cleaning is the perfect opportunity for our clients to receive this Ironing, laundry, express Dry Cleaning Service. Gold Dry Cleaners collect all dry cleaning in black bags with straps at the top to make sure nothing can come out of the bag. Our client’s clothes safety is our main priority at gold dry cleaners. That’s why all dry cleaning that’s collected has printed invoices prior to collecting the garments and is attached to each bag so there’s no chance of confusion or mix ups. Same day dry cleaning allows customers to receive their clothes in express time as standard at gold dry cleaners.

Dry cleaning service near me

All dry cleaning at gold dry cleaners is steam pressed; steam pressing is one of the most hygienic pressing systems as it kills all potential bacteria that may be on the garment. It’s very important for clients to dry-clean their clothes on a regular basis. At gold dry cleaners an average client uses us at least once a week for same day dry cleaning, as they also understand the importance of keeping clothes clean and in healthy condition. Dry cleaning that’s done on a regular basis also helps to keep the fabric in good condition, which in turn helps the garment to last longer. Gold dry cleaners use same day dry cleaning as a unique selling point for its customers to vale as we are fully aware that with the contingencies that we have put into place its hassle free. Gold dry cleaners gets all garments ready before time as we understand that things can change for customers and they may need the dry cleaning before. All our orders go into a unique ipos system were each pieces is tagged and also numbered according to the day, so no same day dry cleaning is missed or left behind by gold dry cleaners. This Is Because We Understand The Value Of Time For Our Customers. As we understand the importance of time for our customers.

Couture Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a type of art; all stains that come into gold dry cleaners are checked and make sure that the best results are achieved in the first dry clean. Dry cleaning garments for the first time must be cleaned in fresh solvent so no wear accor on the fabric. (wear and tear occurs on the fabric) Same day dry cleaning is the same price as getting dry cleaning for any other day, as gold dry cleaners believes in caring for there customers, and not exploiting them for express charges. We are able to do this as our factory in Chelsea allows us to operate from central London which means our drivers don’t have to spend to long on the road and can provide us the garments with ample amount of time to provide this service. Gold dry cleaners can offer shirt dry cleaning in as little as 6 hours from the point of collection. This makes gold dry cleaners the quickest dry cleaners near me in central London.

Dry Cleaning Service
Dry Cleaning Pickup And Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to collect, clean and deliver back to the customer within 24 hours (provided that a delivery slot is available) hence, we provide same day service as a standard. However, we can also deliver back to you within a few hours if that is what you require. Please call 07908154397 if interested in our express service.
We are a 24/7 online platform hence, you can place an order whenever you like late nights and evenings included. Our store opening times are the following: Monday-Saturday: 7:30 am – 7:00 pm Sunday: Closed (Extra surge charges apply for cleaning and delivery on Sunday)

Dry cleaning services are always nicer, but the washing machine is generally sufficient for your more durable and affordable apparel. When it comes to anything else, the modest extra cost of dry cleaning is worth it.

The pump draws solvent from the tank and filters it during dry cleaning to eliminate any contaminants. The filtered solvent enters the cylinder and reacts with the Fibres, removing any dirt. The solvent then returns to the holding tank to restart the process again.

Dry-cleaning is similar to ordinary laundry, except that instead of water and soap, a liquid solvent is used to clean your garments. The solvent is re-circulated via filters throughout the cleaning cycle to eliminate contaminants dislodged during the cleaning process.