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Why Hiring an Expert Ironing Service is the Best Option?

Ironing not only removes wrinkles and creases from clothes but is an essential finishing touch to garments making them look fresher than before. It also makes garments look well cared for and perfectly polished. Ironing your clothes may seem like a mundane useless task but it has a lot advantages. In this blog post we will discuss the several benefits of ironing clothes as well as why hiring an expert service may be the best option for you and your lifestyle.

Benefits of Ironing

Steam Kills Germs and Bacteria

Ironing and dry cleaning are the two important things that any persons clothes need. The hot steam from the iron kills germs and bacteria so it is good for hygiene and cleanliness purposes. Dust mites, germs and mould can all be eliminated by the 212 degrees that the iron heats up to.

Gets Rid of Odours and Smells

 A natural by product of bacteria is body odour. Ironing clothes helps kill bacteria and body odours. Whether it be food smells, sweat or any other unpleasant odour, ironing is the best way to rid your clothes of it. The types of garments which smell the most are sports gear and gym wear as well as kids uniforms. Therefore it is very important to wash and iron them correctly.

Boosts Confidence

Well pressed and immaculate clothes boost the wearers self confidence and makes them take pride in their appearance. Getting a good ironing service is definitely worth the cost. Dressing well in crisp clothes is not about vanity but shows that the wearer is polished and looks after themselves. If you work in a profession which requires heavy work such as construction or working in the heat perhaps, it is important to change clothes. Fast fashion is in the trends nowadays. Invest in fabrics that absorb sweat better such as dry fit clothes from sports retailers to prevent any foul odours.

Ironing Service London

Improves First Impressions

Got an important job interview lined up that could be just the career boost you need? Have a business meeting that you are required to be presenting? It is said that the first impression is the last impression. Dry cleaning and Ironing can get your first impression to an amazing level. A crumpled and disheveled appearance means that you did not care enough or simply did not take it seriously to bother making an effort.

Restoring Shape of Fabric

Ironing helps restore shrunken fibers of the fabric which tighten up in the hot water cycle as well as from the heat of the tumble dryer. Cuffs and collars are flattened when the iron is pressed across it.

If you do not iron your clothes, start now! You will notice the difference between impeccably ironed and well pressed clothes vs rumpled clothes. Ironing your clothes is important because it shows that you care about your appearance and make an effort in maintaining it. There are companies that not only take care of your ironing but they also provide laundry services for your ease.

The best way to tackle your pile of ironing is to think of it as meditation. It allows you to switch off and get the job done. Think of it as a time for relaxation and play your favourite music in your earphones to make it seem as less of a mammoth task. Another helpful pointer would be to start ironing a few items each day perhaps to prevent them from piling up. This way you will stay on top of things easily and be organized at the same time.

Ironing Service London

Reasons to Hire Professional Ironing Service

There are several reasons to hire a professional ironing service. Let’s discuss some of them:

Saves Time and Effort

Every weekend ironing a mountain of laundered clothes is hardly anyone’s idea of fun. Using a professional ironing service can be handy to save you time. It is a difficult and time consuming task that is best left to professionals.

Medical Reasons

If you suffer from joint pain or arthritis, ironing can be painful for you. This is especially true for the elderly who might experience these conditions more frequently.

The Results

Well, the proof is in the pudding. The immaculate finish from an ironing service cannot be replicated at home using an ironing board and steam iron. Some items can also be very hard to iron properly. This is where a professional ironing service can come in to help. They also provide other services like wash and fold and duvet and and pillow cleaning. We apply special wax that puts a sheen on all your home linen items such as bed sheets and duvet covers to give that hotel like luxurious finish. Every garment is also pressed to perfection using our state of the art machinery ensuring no creases remain.

Gold Dry Cleaners cleaning and ironing service is the best in London. We have more than 30 years of experience providing laundry and ironing services based at our Old Brompton Road store. Gold Dry Cleaners use only the best quality machinery to press your suits and garments to have you looking sharp at every gathering. We have very affordable prices starting from just £1.50 for a single pillow case in the Home category as well as just £1.80 for a shirt in the Garments category.

For a complete list of our prices as well as what items we can iron for you, go to “Our prices“. You can place all your ironing orders on our website as well. Alternatively, you can phone us on our number 07908154397 or email us as well. We take great pride in the quality of our work and to us dry cleaning and ironing is more than just a job. We are a family run business which aims to give your clothes a longer lease of life with our services. To experience “Value you can trust”, place an order with Gold Dry Cleaners now.

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