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What Types Of Stains Dry Cleaners Can Remove?


A lot of people believe that dry cleaners can remove all kinds of stains but that is not true. There are specific kinds of marks which you can remove by dry cleaning. In this blog post, we’ll tell you about specific classes of stains that professional dry cleaning services can wipe out.

Stains Which You Can Remove Via Dry Cleaning Services

Here, we discuss three major classes of marks. According to research, 95% of stains come from them. Knowing their stubborness, you can make dry cleaners’ work a lot easier. As they know the source of the mark, they’d be able to treat your clothes better without damaging the fabric.

Given below are those three primary sources of stains:

Earth-Based Stains

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Wine
  • Grass
  • Mud

Protein-Based Body Stains

  • Blood
  • Milk
  • Sweat
  • Excretions

Oil-Based Stains

  • Minerals
  • Vegetables
  • Cooking oil
  • Petroleum
  • Make up

Let’s jump straight into their details.

Earth-Based Marks

These are the most common types of stains. They are also referred to as organic-based stains or tannin stains. They contain various items, like 

  • grass, 
  • mud, 
  • tea, 
  • coffee, and 
  • much more.
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Protein-Based Stains

These are typically harder to remove due to the presence of organic compounds in them. Professional laundry service London uses a special type of enzyme solution which breaks down their composition. These includes:

  • Blood
  • Milk
  • Sweat
  • Excretions

Oil-based Stains

Some of the most frequent causes for consumers to seek professional dry cleaners London include stains from fat, grease, and oil. They can be challenging to work with and are obstinate, especially if you only have a few washing items on hand.

These are a few examples of stains that fall under this category:

  • Cooking Oil
  • Mobile Oil
  • Grease
  • Fat from meats or buttery foods
  • Body lotions 
  • Make Ups
  • Coconut or other nut-based oils, and Much More

How Laundry Service London Removes The Stains

When clothing or materials can’t endure the rigours of a conventional household cleaning, dry cleaning is usually utilised. But have you ever wondered how dry cleaning removes all of those stubborn stains? Continue reading this post till the end to find out:

Tags on clothing

Each object has a tag with an identification number on it. Paper tags stapled or tacked to the clothing are sometimes used by cleaners. Some companies use an iron-on strip with a barcode that is permanently issued for regular clients. Tagging ensures that your dress is returned to you. Similar dirty items from various clients are cleaned together.

Inspection of clothing

Dry cleaners London scrutinises clothing for items left in pockets, rips, tears, and missing buttons before cleaning it. The issues are noted before cleaning, and things are returned to customers.

Pre-treatment of stains

The dry cleaner inspects the clothing as part of the inspection procedure and treats any stains before using solvents to clean them. It is very beneficial to let the cleaner know the stain source for the better results. A professional dry cleaner will also remove or cover delicate buttons and trim at this time to prevent harm.

Dry Cleaning by Machine

Dry cleaners fed soiled clothing into a sizable drum machine and cleaned using a chemical solvent devoid of water. Soils are made to loosen due to the solution’s gentle agitation of the garments. The clothing is then “rinsed” in a new solvent solution to remove any remaining soil before the solvent is drained, filtered, and recycled.

After Spotting

The chemical solvent used in dry cleaning allows oil-based stains to be effectively removed. Other stains, however, are only sometimes successfully eliminated. As a result, all clothing is post-spotted to check for hidden stains. The stains are cleaned with steam, water, or even a vacuum to get rid of any last residues.


Getting the item ready to wear is the last stage. In this phase, cleaners remove wrinkles using steam or pressure, reattaching buttons, or fixing repairs. To return the items to the customer, they are then hung or folded. The plastic bags are merely there to assist you in getting your items home without picking up additional stains. You must remove them immediately to avoid damaging your clothing from moisture buildup.

In this way, all of the stains are completely removed from your clothes.

What Kind of Stains Dry Cleaners Can’t Remove?

There are various forms of marks which any dry cleaner cannot clean or might find it challenging to wash them off. Given below are three main forms which a professional laundry service London finds difficult to remove:

Old Stains

Bring your clothing to the dry cleaners London as soon as possible if you spill anything on it because the longer a stain is left unattended, the less likely it is to be cleaned. It could harm the cloth permanently and alter how colourfast it is.

A good general rule of thumb is to clean the clothing or fabric up immediately if something spills on it so it won’t spoil permanently. Avoid attempting to remove it at home since you risk spreading the stain to the fabric.

Unidentified Stains

Stains are easier to eliminate if you know what they are made of. Different colours can be removed using various techniques. Spotters can instantly select the appropriate solution or approach if they see the colour. Their knowledge and training help them decide what to do when unsure of the stain. They frequently start with the gentlest techniques and substances. However, if it is unsuccessful, they attempt something more substantial. 

If the spotter keeps going, they will either succeed in getting the stain out or realise that they are harming the clothing. We constantly ask that you submit as much information as possible when you drop off your clothes because, regrettably, there isn’t one stain remover that works for everyone.

Stains on Sensitive Fabrics

Removing stains from delicate materials can be tricky, making the task even more challenging without endangering the fabric.

In summary, an excellent dry cleaner can identify the correct cleaning method for almost all stains provided they are aware of the stain kind, get the item as quickly as possible, and take the necessary precautions and care. Your assistance and dependable Gold Dry Cleaners’ professional laundry services can eliminate almost any stain.


Dry cleaning’s ultimate goal is to preserve the quality of your clothes and other fabrics. We know that you want to appear attractive and confident while out in public and that a man or woman’s appearance is determined mainly by his clothes. We offer pick-up and delivery services so every customer can benefit from our first-rate service without ever needing to leave home.

Let’s not make stains ruin your beautiful looks. Contact Gold Dry Cleaners right now to remove every kind of stain.

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