Significance of Dry Cleaning Blankets and Comforters?

Almost a third of Brits wash their bedding only once a year, a survey conducted by furniture company Hammonds has found. Out of the 2000 respondents, 30% responded that their bedding was washed annually. We don’t know about you but considering a year has 365 days, it seems like an awfully long time and frankly quite gross. In fact, it is ideal to wash your bedding including pillow cases, duvet covers and bed sheets once a week. All the dirt, oils and bacteria which accumulate on the surface of your bed linen could be contributing to a host of skin problems such as acne and spots. Skin cells coming off the body and embedding themselves into the bed linen could breed growth of mites and bed bugs.

Sounds unpleasant? Well, even though washing bulky home linen items can be a downright pain, it is very important for general health and hygiene. It is heavier items like blankets and comforters which most often get ignored when we do our laundry and spring cleaning primary reason behind this is their weight and how difficult it is to dry them. However, dry cleaning blankets and comforters is equally important as washing your pillow cases and bed linen. In this blog post, we will shed some light on the importance of having a clean sleeping space and why bed linen hygiene is pertinent.

  • A good night’s sleep

Have you ever felt the difference in your restfulness when you slip into a bed made with freshly cleaned sheets, plump pillows and a crisp duvet? Well, it is not a myth. Clean bedding does contribute to a sounder nights sleep. Don’t just take our word for this. A survey conducted by the US National Sleep Foundation has found that a whopping 73% of us sleep better on fresh sheets. Forget spa days and extravagant massages, the key to relaxation lies in your own hands and is far less expensive. Making sure your bedding is clean and germ free will give you a mood boost and soothe you to get those much needed Zzzs. 

  • Better skin

Are you guilty of indulging in expensive skin care to combat zits and spots? Do you constantly moan over blemishes and acne not knowing why your skin care regime is not showing the results it promised? Well chances are that it could be your dirty bed linen that is the culprit. Making sure your skin is in a clean environment can definitely make a difference. Oils from sweat, bacteria and shedding of skin can cause the bedding we lie on to be unclean which can contribute to a host of skin problems primarily acne. If the problem still persists, consider investing in silk sheets and pillow cases which are light weight and breathable. 

  • Breathing Problems

Some breathing problems such as asthma can be aggravated by dirty bed linen so it is even more important for people with allergies or breathing issues to wash their bedding and see if the symptoms improve. Washing sheets every week may seem daunting but it is well worth the times. Blankets and comforters should also be washed once every two weeks at least. 

How to clean blankets/comforters at home:

  • Fleece blankets

Pour a gentle laundry detergent into the washing machine and wash on a gentle cycle using cold water. Add some fabric softener as well and do not tumble dry. Instead use a clothes line or rack to air dry your blanket. This will help prevent pilling. 

  • Woolen blankets

Always check the care symbol on woolen items as they may be dry clean only. If they are safe to wash in the home, use a mild laundry detergent that is safe to use on wool such as Woolite or Persil Non Bio Silk and Wool. You can either wash it by hand or in the machine although the former is best for wool. Never place a wool blanket in a dryer as it will shrink and the shape will get distorted. 

  • Comforters

Wash your comforter with the machine set to a gentle or delicate cycle. Cool or lukewarm water should be used but always read the care label before doing anything. Dry the comforter on a low heat setting.

As blankets and comforters are heavy items and if large in size, will not fit properly in a washing machine. They are also cumbersome to wash by hand as they get so heavy when wet. Therefore, it is best to outsource your blanket and comforter cleaning to a reputable laundry and dry cleaning company such as Gold Dry Cleaners. We can spot treat your blankets prior to cleaning to ensure any spills or marks are taken care of. We also make sure that the blanket stays in the exact same shape as it was which is nearly impossible to guarantee at home. Our special industrial sized machinery can easily clean your bulky home linen no matter what size it is. So give us a call and get a quotation for your blanket or duvet today! Our team of experts can guide you on what is the best method of treatment and turnaround times etc. Use www.golddrycleaners.com to place your order or call us at 07908154397. 

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