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What do dry cleaners actually do?

What do dry cleaners actually do?

The process explained:

‘Dry Cleaning’ is a process that cleans clothes and fabrics using chemical solvents and involves little to no water usage. Because the garment is not soaked in water it differs from the normal laundering process and that is where the word ‘dry’ originates from. Water does not penetrate the fibres of the material in dry cleaning. Rather special liquid solvents are used for stain removal and cleaning. These solvents evaporate much quicker than water and are more thorough. The solvent is then, re-circulated through filters to remove the impurities which were loosened during the process. After that, the solvent is distilled to be clear and purified before it is used again in the cleaning cycle. 

Benefits of dry cleaning:

Dry Cleaning is superior to your normal washing machine laundry job for a number of reasons. Some of them have been highlighted below:

  • Dry Cleaning uses solvents to remove dirt and stains from fabrics. These aforementioned solvents have the ability to remove oil and grease from fabrics in a way that is not possible with water and detergent. Hence, dry cleaning offers a much more thorough clean than normal laundering.
  • Some natural fibres such as wool and silk may shrink or become faded when washed with water. Water swells the fibres and it is this swelling which causes the shrinkage and distortion. Dry Cleaning is best for such types of fabrics and helps retain their brightness while keeps the garment in top notch condition. 
  • The wearable life of a garment is increased by an expert dry cleaning job such as the one we offer at Gold Dry Cleaners. Stains and soils act as an abrasive on the surface of the fibres of garment and unless removed, will destroy it. A professional dry cleaning job extends the life of your garments by gently removing stains and providing protection against fading and shrinkage. There, we have now scientifically busted the popular myth that frequent cleaning damages clothes!
  • Professional dry cleaners offer a crisp, wrinkle free and immaculate finish to your clothes using special technology and equipment that just cannot be beat. Slipping into a perfectly starched and pressed shirt or a pleated skirt with not a single pleat out of place are some of the little joys in life. Nothing out of place and an empty laundry basket with more time to spend on things you actually enjoy rather than slaving over the ironing board. It is a win win situation!
  • Most dry cleaners do not just clean clothes. They also process household items such as duvets, pillow cases and blankets. This is because they have industrial sized equipment and machinery that can deal with big bulky items.
  • Dry cleaners are experts with much better knowledge of the latest cleaning technologies as well as which technique is best suited for which fabric hence, they can deliver the best results. To protect your investment and get more out of your money, it is best to send dry clean only garments to a professional. 
  • Garments and linen is always inspected before getting delivered to a customer and it must pass stringent quality control checks. Most dry cleaners will do a spot check before packing your order to ensure that the garment is in optimum condition and the best results have been achieved. If it does not meet expectations, it will be re processed before delivery.

Help your dry cleaners do a better job:

In order to ensure your expectations can be met (or rather exceeded) by your dry cleaners, please be sure to:

  • Tell them of any marks or stains on the garment and whether you have attempted to get rid of them at home using DIY methods.
  • Whether there are any broken zips, buttons or fastenings that you would like to have repaired. Highlight any special concerns you may have.
  • Empty your pockets especially for trousers and jackets. Most dry cleaners do check pockets before processing the garment but it is best to be careful.
  • Point out any pre existing wear and tear on the garment.

This information from the customer’s side can prove vital for the dry cleaner to do a good job.

What do Gold Dry Cleaners do?

Gold Dry Cleaners are your one stop solution to all your wardrobe woes. We offer a range of services which include:

Using our website, you can explore the range of categories we deal with. Everything form home linen to carpets and curtains can be cleaned at our factory based on Old Brompton Road in Chelsea. We also offer a curtain or blind removal and rehang service which you can discuss by calling us at 07908154397.

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we do not use perchloroethylene, commonly known as ‘perc’. It is a chlorinated solvent is a highly effective cleaner but is not environmentally friendly and has a chemical odour which can be unpleasant. Rather, we use hydro carbon solvent which is gentle and effective as well as being kinder to the environment. We only use high standard British quality solvents for all our dry cleaning to ensure that we return your clothes to you immaculate and spotless.

Your clothing is a form of expression and when you are well dressed and look presentable, it automatically gives you a confidence boost. When you look good, you feel better and at Gold Dry Cleaners we are all about giving you that extra spring in your step by offering you a 24/7 online platform to order your dry cleaning from the comfort of your home. Do not be caught in a rut without your lucky shirt or tie for that all important meeting with our express cleaning and delivery services! Try our services today and experience the convenience of “Value you can trust.”

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