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Westminster Top Dry Cleaners

Westminster Top Dry Cleaners

Laundry water, which is used to clean clothes at Gold Dry Cleaners, is purified. This is because we believe the quality of water is very important to deliver excellent results on laundry. Water comes in from the main pipes and goes into tanks which purify the water with filters to make sure water quality is clear to provide Gold Dry Cleaners customers with the best results.

Gold Dry Cleaners also use water softener, which brings the water to the purist form. This helps stains to come off naturally in the cleaning process, and means the laundry doesn’t require hard chemicals to be applied which can potentially damage the laundry.

Gold Dry Cleaners is the only dry cleaner, which collects laundry and delivers back to customers with the whole contingency done in-house.

The benefit to customers is that they know all laundry is being done with no middle companies involved unlike Gold Dry Cleaners competitors such as I hate ironing and Love2laundry who outsource all of their work to different suppliers near the pick up location.

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