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All your clothes are cleaned using the finest quality of soaps and detergents. We do not use PERC in our operations.


Deliveries are free for every order in Westminster above £30.

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For that immaculate crease free finish, choose Gold Dry Cleaners ironing services.
Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning your garments keeps colours vibrant for longer and increases the longevity of your clothes. Our dry cleaning is gentle on clothes and tough on stains.



We have an expert tailor available on our premises who can repair and alter your garments for you. A fitting room is available for you to try on and be fully satisfied before leaving.

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Ironing Service
Ironing Services London

Modern Westminster Dry Cleaners

Gold Dry Cleaners are you one stop shop in Westminster offering a range of services under one roof. Everything from repairs and alterations to laundry and dry cleaning is offered. We take great pride in providing quality and affordability together.


Shoe Repairs

Our cobbler service can cater to everything from mending zips on boots to repairing or fitting new insoles.

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Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

Make the most special dress you have ever worn stand the test of time by getting it cleaned and preserved by us.

dry cleaners in central london

Home Linen

Gold Dry Cleaners can clean your home linen from big bulky items such as duvets and blankets to pillowcases and cushion covers to a very high standard.

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Formal Wear Cleaning

Get your beaded and sequined party wear cleaned at affordable prices and with a thorough gentle clean, have them looking like new for longer.

Dry Cleaners Westminster

Gold Dry Cleaners operate in the whole of central London including the area of Westminster. This means there are no locations in London where we do not collect dry cleaning from. However, it is still worthwhile to use our postcode eligibility checker to avoid disappointment. Gold Dry Cleaners allocates each driver a specific area to cover on a daily basis meaning customers who have collections can have a face to face experience for dry cleaning with our drivers in central London. A familiar face is there to greet you and answer any questions you may have when you place an order with us. We have a simple three-step process: Place order on our website Driver collects your order and we process it in house at our factory on Old Brompton Road. Delivery driver drops back on allocated slot This simple 3-step process allows for all clients to place an order anywhere in central London.

Westminster Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning is our specialty and it’s for that reason we are proud to state that we out source no work and all work is carried out in house at our factory in central London. Our motto at Gold Dry Cleaners is “Value you can trust” meaning we aim to keep our prices as affordable as possible with high standards of cleaning provided to all our customers. In Westminster we offer a vast range of services that include:

One look at our prices page will reveal to you our affordable rates. Our intention is to make wet cleaning and dry cleaning more people can get done and not just those belonging to the upper class of society. If you have any queries or need a price quote you can either email us at or call us at 07908154397. Our friendly staff is always happy to help.

Express Dry Cleaning

No matter how well planned or prepared we are, sometimes life does take us by surprise. Next time you find yourself in a limbo where you need a suit cleaned or a pair of trousers ironed for that all important meeting or soiree you forgot about, do not despair! Gold Dry Cleaners can come to your rescue with our express dry cleaning services. We at Gold Dry Cleaners understand the value of time and therefore, we developed on demand laundry services which are available to you at any time of the day or night. So do not hesitate to pick up your phone and call us at 2 am on Friday night or early Saturday morning with your request. No request is unusual or too big for us. Express cleaning service means that we will collect your garments from you, clean them and return them back to you all within the span of a few hours. Convenient? Most definitely!

Express Dry Cleaning​ Westminster
Express Dry Cleaning​ Westminster

Surge charges do apply for these requests as we have to call out a member of staff specifically to entertain your order as well as power the machinery at odd hours. Gold Dry Cleaners use only the best quality detergents in all our laundry and dry cleaning orders. We do not scrimp on quality and the results we produce speak for themselves. We operate on our mantra of “Value you can trust” and take our work very personally. This is why we do not outsource any of our cleaning to third parties as most of our competitors do. A strict check on quality is maintained throughout the process and during the packing stage to make sure no cross contamination happens. We are proud to have become a household name amongst many families in Chelsea and Westminster who regularly rely on us for their dry cleaning and laundry needs.

Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning​

Our other green practices include the following:

  • Cutting down on paper consumption in our office to help save trees.
  • Using electric vehicles for collection and delivery to eliminate usage of fuel and hence, air pollution.
  • Using biodegradable plastic in all our packing.
  • Encouraging our employees to car pool or use public transport instead of driving to work individually.
These are just some of the little things we do to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a greener earth. With nearly three decades of experience in the laundry and dry cleaning industry, we are well known for our strong focus on quality while being affordable in price. Try our services today!

Gold Dry Cleaners are proud to classify themselves as an eco friendly dry cleaning business. This is because we do not use PERC in our operations which is a toxic substance and can pose significant health risks if exposed to it long term. PERC can cause allergies and even breathing and liver problems in the long run. We use the much gentler hydrocarbon solvent instead. We also use purified water in our laundry! All our soaps and detergents are the best quality in the market as we do not try to minimize costs by using substandard stuff.

Ironing Services in Westminster

Dry Cleaning Curtains

Curtains and drapes are absolutely essential for windows. They prevent sunlight from coming in as well as moths and dust plus are an adornment which makes the room feel complete. Many home owners are not aware of how important it is to clean curtains regularly just like any other item in the house. The curtains and drapes harbor a lot of dirt in them. Pet hair, cigarette smell and dust are just some of the nasties that could be lingering in your curtains hence, caring for them is essential to maintain a fresh home. To keep your house smelling fresh and clean, it is important to clean your curtains every 3-6 months. If they are hung in a room which is not used as frequently, you can also get away with cleaning them just once a year.

Gold Dry Cleaners offer professional curtain cleaning services in London. We are well known in the area of Westminster as one of the best curtain cleaning company due to our thorough work and because we offer take down and re hang services as well. If your curtains are made of a material such as velvet, brocade, chenille or are lined, chances are they are dry clean only. Therefore, taking them to a reputable company with well trained and expert workers such as Gold Dry Cleaners is a good idea. Please refrain from attempting to clean them at home using DIY kits and methods you found online. Our industrial sized washing machines and tumble dryers are best even for machine washable curtains as the drum size is quite large and has enough capacity to accommodate them. It is best to leave curtain cleaning to the experts. Call Gold Dry Cleaners for a quote today!


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Our standard turnaround times for laundry and dry cleaning orders are 24 hours but alterations require extra time. Please drop into our premises on 162 Old Brompton Road to speak to our in house tailor or call us at 07908154397 so we can provide you with further detail.

We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to access our website Also, please check if the cookies are enabled and pop-up blockers are disabled. If still facing trouble, call us at 07908154397 to place your order.