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Importance of wedding dress dry cleaning service

Thinking of post wedding dress care and preservation is a very important consideration once your big day is over. If you choose not to preserve your wedding dress, you risk the following:

  • Yellowing of the fabric
  • Brown oxidation spots
  • Growth of mould and mildew
  • Permanent creasing of the fabric

Preserve the memories of your special day and prevent stains and discolouration from setting in by taking it to a reputable dry cleaner. Gold Dry Cleaners offer wedding dress dry cleaning and preservation services which have been rated highly by our patrons who have availed them. We follow these steps to ensure a thorough and gentle clean as well as boxing to prevent moth or insect attacks. 

Step One: Observation and Analysis

Our in house experts will inspect your dress meticulously. We will examine the manufacturer’s care label instructions as well and we have a policy of calling up the company of anything is vague or unclear to us. The fabric the dress is made out of as well as the embellishments and embroidery are taken into consideration while we determine what treatment to administer to the dress. If the dress has a stain on it, it will need to be spot treated before being cleaned. Please bear in mind that allowing a stain to set makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to remove so bring your dress to us as soon as possible if it has been stained.

Step Two: Removal of delicate add ons

If your wedding dress has tulle or organza layers which are detachable or the bodice and skirt are separate, they will be detached before cleaning. This allows for ease on the part of the person handling the dress. We only entrust your valuable wedding dresses to people 

Step Three: Cleaning 

At this stage, discolouration is treated and if there is any yellowing we try to get rid of it. We use eco friendly chemicals to clean your special outfit to eliminate any risk of damage and stretching etc. Wedding dress dry cleaning is done using virgin solvent and not recycled solvent as it may have impurities that can be deposited on your dress. It can also cause your dress to have a strange smell. At Gold Dry Cleaners we use fresh solvent to clean your wedding dress. The dress will look like new after we have finished.

Wedding dress preservation:

A specialist at Gold Dry Cleaners will make a treatment plan to clean and preserve your dress without harming the delicate materials. The fabric of the dress and the manufacturers care label instructions will be very important considerations in this plan. Dirty hemlines will be cleaned and any perspiration stains will be taken off the dress. The veil can also be spot cleaned and refreshed. Any holes in the dress caused by heel getting stuck etc will be mended by our expert in house tailor. The cleaned dress is then, stored in an airtight box which is PH neutral. The oxygen is sucked out and replaced with nitrogen to prevent ageing and discoloration. Do not open the seal of the box once it has been shut. If you do, make sure to reseal it back. 

Bride Tips:

A stitch in time saves nine:

Take your dress off and send it to the dry cleaners as soon as your event is over. Do not allow the stains to set because they become harder to remove. If you are unable to bring it yourself, have a friend or family member drop it off for cleaning.

Always do your research:

Do you have a friend or cousin who recently got married? Positive word of mouth can go a long way and if they recommend a specialist dry cleaner who got the job done for them, it is a good idea to go with them. One you have narrowed down your choice to a few companies, do not be afraid to ask the team questions and be completely satisfied before you entrust them with the most important dress you own.

Avoid hangers and plastic bags:

Post cleaning, remove your dress from the hanger. Hangers can cause heavily embellished dresses to loose their shape. Do not store your dress in a regular plastic or garment bag. Plastic can hold moisture and cause discoloration in the long run.

A cool and dark place is best for storage:

Protect your dress by storing it in a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight. Sunlight causes yellowing and fading in white and ivory dresses. The wedding dress box after you take it away from our premises is best kept in a warm and dry room.

Keep away from moths and insects:

Attics and lofts are most often the dumping ground for most items in the house that are no longer required. If your attic or loft has a history of moths, avoid storing your dress box there. 

Don’t forget the shoes:

Your wedding shoes are also a very important part of your whole big day look. For fabric shoes, you can wipe any scuffs or marks clean yourself by using a soft sponge and mild detergent. Leather shoes are best polished and shined. If you splurged on a high end designer pair and would rather get a professional clean done, Gold Dry Cleaners offer shoe cleaning and repair services as well. We can mend any broken heels and get rid of any scuff marks to have your shoes looking like the day you bought them. Any brooches or diamontes will be treated with gentle care. After cleaning your shoes will be wrapped in white tissue paper and placed inside a box. 

For wedding dress cleaning and preservation as well as shoe cleaning, look no further than Gold Dry Cleaners. We ensure a thorough job and are specialists in dealing with delicate fabrics. In case of any queries and to ensure complete peace of mind, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. 

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