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Alteration ways to make your dress fit nicely

Ways to make your Dress fit

5 Alteration ways to make your dress fit nicely

If you happen to have fallen in love with a dress but it is too big for you, chin up because you don’t have to pass it up just yet! Want to make it a part of your wardrobe? Gold Dry Cleaners has come up with a few helpful hints and tips on how to style an oversized dress with oomph and if you want to get it tailored, we have a few alteration tricks up our sleeve that will have it looking like it was made for you. 

Style it with a belt:

This tip is especially handy for shirt dresses which are straight cut but belts can be added to any shape or style of dress! Accentuate your curves by adding a skinny belt to a shirt dress and get that hourglass figure you desire. Conversely, chunky belts can be paired with loose maxi/midi dresses to nail casual chic.

Use ribbons to create an empire waist:

Feeling like your dress looks like a sack of potatos on you? Loose oversized long length dresses can make you feel swallowed up especially if you are petite. You can combat this by using a ribbon just below your bust to create an empire waist line. Not only does it add a stylish flair to your outfit but also covers any bumps you may be conscious about in the tummy area.

Layer it up:

Use basics in your wardrobe such as white/navy or black shirts and turtlenecks to layer underneath your oversized dresses. Form fitted clothes work best underneath loose flowy ones. Layering is a versatile tool which helps make slip dresses office appropriate while also helping you make the most of your wardrobe over the seasons. It also helps to combat revealing necks and adds a unique twist to your outfit if you are not comfortable showing too much skin.

If budget is not an issue, we would highly recommend getting your dress professionally altered. Every body is different so using a good reputable tailoring/alteration service helps ensure that your clothes fit your body in the best way and flatter it.

Alteration Tips for dresses

Tip One: All Fabrics are different

Certain fabrics and materials are more delicate and hence require more time and money to alter. As a general rule, stretchy fabrics are much more difficult to alter vs non stretchy fabrics. Chiffon, organza and silk can be difficult to alter when compared to the likes of woven knitted garments and cotton items. Hence, be realistic in terms of expectations. If you require a dress urgently for an event, leave enough cushion period to avoid disappointment as alterations may take up to 2 weeks. If the tailor is busy, chances are he is good at what he does and has a loyal client base who come to him frequently s that is definitely a good sign! Doing your research before using an alteration service is highly advised as every tailor has an individual capacity. Some may not be able to handle certain fabrics.

Tip Two: Have an idea of what you want

Try on a few dresses in your wardrobe and see which one makes you feel fabulous! That is the kind of fit you desire. It is also good to ask the tailor to take your body measurements before proceeding with the alteration to ensure it is a flattering yet comfortable fit for you.  If the dress you want altered is too big for you, the tailor can take it in but be sure to tell him your expectations as well as what kind of fit you prefer. Dresses can be loosened as well provided that there is enough material in at the seams.

Tip Three: Vintage Finds

If you have fabulous vintage dresses you would like to have brought back to life, consider using a tailoring service for that. You can have the following done to make them look modern or simply spruce them up:

  • Remove pleats
  • Replacing zippers
  • Take in the body of the dress
  • Addition of a slit to make it more fashion forward
  • Addition of a little strap to hold your bra strap and keep it out of sight.

Pin the dress where you would like the alterations and make a note of them before you go to the tailor so you can explain what you want to have done to him/her.

Tip Four: Is my tailor ripping me off?

It is very important to discuss how much a tailoring/alteration will cost with the tailor beforehand. Some company websites will have a general idea of what their prices look like but they are just an estimate. Most tailors will require you to bring in your garment so they can access properly and give you an accurate figure. Tailoring generally can be quite expensive but worth it. 

Tip Five: Try it on!

After the alteration job is complete, do try on your dress in front of a full length mirror to see if you are happy with the outcome. Sit in your dress, walk in it and see if you are comfortable. If you still find potential problems or errors you would like to have fixed, do not be shy and approach the tailor. 

Gold Dry Cleaners provide an in house tailoring and alteration service at our Old Brompton road premises. Our tailor Master Rajab has been with us for nearly two decades now and can ensure your dress is the most comfortable and flattering fit for your body. Be it neckline adjustment or shortening hemlines or simply taking out a dress/gown trust Gold Dry Cleaners to ensure a job well done. 

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