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Our wash and fold laundry service is second to none with great attention to stain removal. A sub category of our laundry service is wash and fold. This service can also be availed for home linen including duvets and comforters. A special type of wax is used to press all our laundry with which puts a hotel like finish. Now you can have the luxury of a hotel room in your own bedroom with Gold Dry Cleaners special hand finished bed sheets and duvet covers. Ideal for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Personal Wash

Treat your intimates and underwear to our personal wash and fold services. Using state of the art technologies and the latest machinery, we treat your delicates with care and ensure a job well done. For softer and brighter garments which last longer, choose Gold Dry Cleaners.

Eco friendly detergents

At Gold Dry Cleaners, our mantra is to leave the environment as clean as we do your clothes hence, we use eco friendly detergents and solvents for our wash and fold near me. Free from any harmful chemicals and toxins, they are gentle on fabric and tough on stains.

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Premium materials and technologies are used to clean your garments to the highest standard guaranteeing treatment with care.
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Wash And Fold Near Me

On demand Laundry Cleaning and dry cleaning services available.

Eco friendly solvents and biodegradable detergents are used in our operations to reduce our carbon footprint. Our electric delivery vehicles minimise air pollution.

We do not overcharge for our services and provide quality along with affordability.

Best Wash and Fold Service London

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Gold Dry Cleaners believe that customers are at the heart of every successful business. Customer satisfaction and leaving no stone unturned to offer topnotch customer service is our main aim. Delighted customers not only give repeat business but also promote the company to others.

Word of mouth marketing is the best type especially for an industry like dry cleaning which is rapidly growing every year parallel to the fashion industry. Now offering same day delivery as a standard, we have very quick turnaround times comprising of just

a few hours. For all your laundry needs including washing, laundry, ironing and folding Gold Dry Cleaners endeavours to become your first choice.

Gold Dry Cleaners set up an online platform in the form of our user friendly website to be available for our customers 24/7. London’s traffic and busy lifestyle mean that upkeep of laundry and bedding can be quite a hassle for many people.

According to health experts, bed sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers should be washed and aired out at least once a week. This allows for a more restful and comfortable sleep. But we understand, that it can be quite a task. Besides, most washing machines drum sizes are not compatible with big, bulky items such as duvet covers.

This is where our industrial sized machinery comes in. Not only do we gently treat your linen with stain remover prior to washing but can also iron it for a crease free, hotel like finish. There is no joy greater than getting into bed after a long hard day at work. Gold Dry Cleaners aims to clean, disinfect and iron all your linen at affordable prices to give you the sleep you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The vital difference between the two is that while traditional laundering uses water, dry cleaning is done without water. Instead it uses solvent to deliver the soap or detergent to the cloth.

Yes we dry clean everything from pillowcases to duvet covers and comforters. Get the best wash and fold near me service with Gold Dry Cleaners right now!

Laundry services aren’t as expensive as your time, but if you’re curious, the average cost of washing, drying, and folding clothes ranges from £1.29 to £2.25 per piece. Larger things and dry cleaning can cost anything from £3 to £56.99 per piece.

You contact our local laundry business and arrange a time for your goods to be picked up by calling or sending a message. You can also contact us via our website. Gold Dry Cleaners cleans, dries, and folds your clothes, taking into account any preferences you may have, such as using eco-friendly or hypoallergenic detergent or using certain folding methods.

Drop-off laundry services are often priced per pound and maybe quite profitable if you target the right consumer base and advertise the service properly. The success and profitability of a wash and fold laundry business are mostly determined by the customers you serve and how efficient you make the process.

Laundry services aren’t as expensive as your time, but if you’re curious, the average cost of washing, drying, and folding clothes ranges from £1.29 to £2.25 per pound. Larger things and dry cleaning can cost anything from £3 to £56.99 per piece.