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The Best Times to use a Wash and Fold Service

Constantly running out of clean underwear and socks? Dreading that huge pile of laundry which just seems to be breeding in the corner? Then this blog post is to convince you to start using a wash and fold service! Just imagine always having your underwear and sock drawer full of clean items so you never have to panic again. Your blouses all fresh and immaculate ready to be worn and your trousers washed and ironed to perfection.

Yes, you can get all of that from a dedicated wash and fold service plus ironing service. And nope it does not have to charge an arm and a leg either. While nothing can beat the convenience of a wash and fold laundry service which feels like how Cinderella felt when the fairy Godmother appeared to make her dreams come true, cost can be a valid concern for many people while they make a decision on whether to use a wash and fold service or not. So down below we have compiled some of the best times/scenarios to use a wash and fold service.

Before and After you go/come back from a holiday

Vacation unpacking is the absolute worst. After days spent carefree and full of fun you have to get back to the humdrum of everyday life. Make it a tad bit easier on yourself by scheduling a laundry service pick up when you come back home from your holiday. Get your beach stuff or skiing outfits ready for your next escapade by getting it laundered/dry cleaned ASAP.

When you have guests staying over

Bed sheets, pillow cases, towels and the list keeps adding up. There are many handy benefits of wash and fold service that ease all your effort. After your house guests have left, schedule a pick up and get everything laundered and pressed plus delivered back to you. All you have to do then is to put them back in cupboards and cabinets.

When you are stress/ busy with work commitments

The last thing you want to worry about when you have got a jam packed schedule is laundry. It is best to schedule your pick up and send your laundry over to the dry cleaners before hand. Schedule a pick up on the first of every month for example so you never run out of anything you will need later on.

When seasons change

Get big and bulky items such as heavy tog duvets, blankets and bed covers cleaned before putting them away to be used next Winter. A number of Advantages of Folding Clothes appear in the last days of the season, As you have a huge pile of clothings that need folding. This way they will be ready as soon as the chilly weather arrives. 

When you have got a newborn baby

Many people prefer Self-Service Laundry, but when it’s the crucial time of a new born. It is not possible to do all the laundry by yourself. Most first time parents will agree that newborns do tend to turn your world upside down in the first few weeks of their arrival. So while you ensure your house is clean and your freezer is stocked with some meals, make sure your laundry hamper is empty too! Newborns tend to go through a lot of bibs, vests and baby grows themselves so the last thing you need to worry about is frantically rummaging around to find a clean top to wear.

Now that we have discussed some scenarios when a wash and fold service can come in pretty handy, we will explain Gold Dry Cleaners wash and fold laundry service.

Wash and Fold Service London

Wash and fold service

As the name suggests, a wash and fold service means that the garments will be washed, dried and folded before being delivered to your address. It is a basic laundry service that does not include ironing. Ironing is a separate service. Gold Dry Cleaners provide both wash and fold as well as ironing services under one roof. We use high quality British standard laundry detergents for all our laundry as well as using only the most latest technologies to ensure a job well done.

Our machinery is regularly services and the Hoffman shirt pressing plant is an ideal tool which is much better than your ironing board at home. Once you avail our wash and fold service, you will be blown away by the simplicity of placing an order as well as the efficiency of our staff. Gold Dry Cleaners pride ourselves on our high quality of cleaning and our ability to remove stains and brighten up your clothes!

Quality Assurance

Gold Dry Cleaners always follow the manufacturer’s care label instructions when washing and ironing your items. The temperature, type of wash cycle etc are strictly adhered to. If we suspect that the garment might get damaged we always inform the customer prior to accepting the order. For specialist items, we need extra time but the standard turnaround time is of 24 hours. We separate each customers laundry from the other and all items in your order are individually tagged to ensure there is no mixing up. Our commercial sized washers and dryers are especially useful for bulky items like heavy tog duvets and blankets

For the best quality wash and fold laundry service at economical prices, choose Gold Dry Cleaners. Our Prices are competitive and much more affordable than others in the market. We also collect and deliver free of charge if your order is above £30. If not, we apply a service charge and round it up to £30. Using a wash and fold service will give you peace of mind and take one tedious chore off your to do list. Try Gold Dry Cleaners services today! You will not be disappointed. Use our website to place an order so ordering clean clothes really is as simple as ordering your favourite meal from JustEat or requesting a ride from Uber.

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