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Online Dry Cleaning Services in London

Should You Go for an Online Dry Cleaning Service?

Like every other sector, online business in dry Cleaning and laundry has received a major boost in the past few years. With the increase in traffic, busy work schedules, and social commitments, most of us are looking for quick, handy ways to finish our household chores. Whether it is the advent of ingredients in a box to solve your cooking dilemmas or the convenience of ordering groceries, pet food, and everything imaginable at the touch of a button with next-day delivery, online businesses have had a major boom. There are several reasons you should opt for an online dry cleaning service. We highlight some of these reasons below:


This is a no-brainer. An online dry cleaning service saves you time and energy. There is no driving to a Laundromat or dry cleaning shop to get your laundry done. You do not have to separate the whites from the darks or sift through delicates and towels to put on a load. There is no worrying about drying items and then having to iron them. At the touch of a few buttons, you can have cleaned, and clean clothes delivered right to your door. Gold Dry Cleaners offer free pick up and delivery for all orders above £30. We also operate in the whole of London and cover all the boroughs, so whatever your postcode is, our delivery driver can come right to you for a pick-up.


When you opt for dry Cleaning with Gold Dry Cleaners, you are doing your bit for the environment as well. This is because we are an eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundry cleaning serivce. Our delivery vehicles are electric to reduce our carbon footprint and harmful emissions. We also use eco-friendly dry cleaning solvents and make sure we purify our water but reuse it to cut down on water consumption. The solvents we use are kinder to the environment and gentle on the fibers of your clothes while being tough on stains. We are also looking to use eco-friendly hangars in our operations, and that is a goal we have for 2022. 

Online Dry Cleaning Services in London

Best Results

Laundry shops are run by experts who are well versed in the art of dry cleaning and the treatments required for different types of fabric. Moreover, these are professional companies with automatic commercial-sized washers and dryers that help control drum rotation, usage of detergent as well as detecting technical details such as moisture level and temperatures. This, in turn, renders the best result, which is impossible to achieve at home. The finesse of an ironing service is also unmatched because the quality differs from standard ironing done using a steam iron and ironing board. At Gold Dry Cleaners, we go one step further by re-cleaning any garments or items you are not satisfied with free of charge.

Saves Money

What is the cost of laundry pickup and delivery service? Does using an online dry cleaning and laundry facility save you money? Yes, it does! Dry Cleaning gives your clothes a new lease of light, making sure your colors stay bright and the threads of the garment are not damaged. This saves you money in the long run as you don’t have to buy new clothes more often. Another service is offered in London that is wet cleaning. It is better for the environment and even gentler on your clothes to make them look and stay new for longer. So using an online dry cleaning and laundry service is better for your pocket, contrary to most people think.

Gold Dry Cleaners: Available online 24/7

An online dry cleaning service saves you the hassle of having to drive in London’s heavy traffic and ensures your laundry gets sorted out without hassle. So what is not to love? Prices can be a major put-off for many people as dry Cleaning is synonymous with hefty price tags and most people assume it to be only for designer garments or for the elite. Gold Dry Cleaners operate on a different mantra. We aim to make dry Cleaning economical and available for all. With our tagline of “Value you can trust,” we make sure that our prices are pocket-friendly but high quality. If you go onto our website and into the “Prices” tab, you will be able to see what we charge for each service. While we keep our prices low, we do not scrimp on quality and ensure we use only the highest quality solvents and detergents in our operations. A dress purchased off the high street is equally important to us a pair of designer trousers. We leave no stone unturned in our cleaning and ironing jobs.

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we have another feather in our cap, an online platform available 24/7. We are the only online dry cleaners in the whole of London to provide this facility. Customers can place an order any time of the day or night, and we can send our driver over to your location for a pick-up. Surge charges apply for out-of-hours and Sunday service, but we get the job done! This is only possible because our Cleaning and ironing are done in-house at our Old Brompton Road premises. We do not outsource any cleaning to third parties meaning lower costs for customers and our facility being open and available to them 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So go on! Please place your order now using our website or ring us at 07908154397.

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