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Secrets Of Dry Cleaning You Must Know About

Dry Cleaning Hidden Secrets

Magical machines whirring in a steam engulfed room miraculously getting your clothes clean without using water. Dry Cleaning is one of the small mysteries of everyday life. Read on to find out 7 secrets in the dry cleaning business from an insider’s perspective.

Your stuff might get donated if you don’t pick it up

hidden truths of cleaning

Most Dry Cleaners have a certain time frame for customers to pick up their items as we cannot keep them for very long. We do, however, contact customers several times to give them a chance to get their stuff.

Cleaning leather before you need to wear it

Come Fall and Winter, there is a surge in the cleaning of leather goods. If you want your favourite jacket or expensive skirt to get the royal treatment, it would be better to get them cleaned in Spring or Summer. This will also help you get your items back sooner.

Most Dry Cleaners don’t do all the work on-site

Only 10-15% of dry cleaning businesses have the equipment, manpower and expertise to handle everything that comes in the shop. At Gold Dry Cleaners, we are proud to offer all our operations in house. We don’t outsource any work to third parties.

Women’s clothes are costlier to clean

Embellishments, lace, buttons and embroidery are just some of the accents on women’s clothes. Cleaning them is a more time taking process and hence, costs more. Delicate fabrics like silk and chiffon require special attention.

The hardest stain to get rid of is…

woman watching ketchup strain

While blood, red wine, and ketchup are high on our stubborn stain list, it is regular old ink stains that are the hardest to remove. We would encourage you to cap your pens after every use especially if you’re wearing white or pastel shades.

Employees don’t “borrow” your clothes

Some people are under the misconception that once they leave their items at a dry cleaning store, the employees working there borrow them to wear/use. We can assure you that this is not true. None of our employees would wear your dress to a party.

Look for recommendations

If you regularly buy high end dry clean only clothes, it is a good idea to ask your retailer for recommendations. The sales assistants know the area well and can guide you to make an informed choice for a dry cleaner which guarantees the best results.

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