Benefits Of Choosing Professional Dry Cleaning Delivery and Laundry Services

Work responsibilities coupled with the stresses of modern day life mean that we can often ignore things we should value the most i.e. health and family time. How many times have you told your children that you would get around to helping them with their school project? Or wanted to repair the fence in the back garden but just not got around to doing it because you are so pressed for time? Hiring a professional laundry service helps save time, gets the work done and also gives you more leisure time. In this blog post, we will highlight just how a professional dry cleaning and laundry service can make a positive difference in your life. So read on to find some of the advantages:

Super Convenient: Forget about carrying your bulky home linen or rugs to the dry cleaners and having to drop them off in person. Most dry cleaners offer collection and delivery services so it is super convenient as you can order from the comfort of your home. At Gold Dry Cleaners, we offer free collection and delivery service across London for all orders above £30. 

Perfect for stain removal: 

Even though the internet is inundated with DIY methods to remove stains and marks as well as at home kits being sold by nearly all big retailers and e commerce websites, the fact remains that the kind of results and finish a professional dry cleaning/laundry job produces cannot be mimicked. Also removing oil and grease stains at home is nearly impossible, hence a professional dry cleaning job is perfect for stain removal. 

Attention to detail:

The attention to detail given to your clothes at a professional company is very different to what you have been accustomed to at home. Clothes are cleaned, folded, ironed and packaged securely or hung on hangers so all you have to do upon receiving them is to hang them up in your closet or put them in your drawer.  

Saves time:

One of the biggest advantage of using professional laundry services is the time it saves you! Juggling a career, home life and social life is not easy. There are just not enough hours in a day sometimes to do it all. Laundry companies such as Gold Dry Cleaners aim to maximize your convenience by giving you a platform to order your washing, folding and ironing service online by just a few clicks. You can then choose a collection time which suits you and our driver will pick up your order within the time slot. 

Treatment of delicates:

Most laundry companies have expert team members with years of experience and knowledge of the best type of technique and solvent/detergent to be used for each fabric type. Be it chiffon, beaded items or wedding dresses and bespoke gowns they have seen and cleaned it all. It is best to use professional dry cleaning services for delicate items to ensure they do not get damaged and to preserve their texture. 

Express Services:

Most dry cleaners will provide express services as well for all those occasions when you are pressed for time and need certain items back urgently. Even though it is pricey, sometimes it can be a lifesaver for when you are short on time.

Bulky items cleaning:

Bulky items such as rugs and curtains can be impossible to clean at home. This is because a normal 9 kg family washing machine does not have the drum capacity to fit such big bulky items. Therefore, using a professional service is the best option on the table.

Multiple services under one roof:

Most dry cleaners offer a multitude of services such as steam ironing, curtain and rug cleaning or repairs and alterations. This is one more perk which saves you time and makes life more hassle free. Gold Dry Cleaners also offers shoe repairs including fixing heels, zippers or getting rid of scrape marks. Furthermore, we have an in house tailoring service at our premises on Old Brompton Road. You can get your hemlines fixed, buttons sewed or pockets repaired by our tailor Master Rajab who has been with us since more than a decade! For complete list of our services, please visit the prices section of our website which has the list of categories we deal with and the services we offer our customers.

The fatigue of being too busy catches up over time. Make more times for things you love to do and outsource your dry cleaning to Gold Dry Cleaners! Choose a reliable and passionate company like us which guarantees to deliver what it promises. Call us at 07908154397 or place an order at www.goldddrycleaners.com. If you have any queries, please feel free to drop us an email at golddrycleaners@gmail.com and explore just how a professional laundry service can create magic in your home. You will wonder how you did without!

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