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Online Dry Cleaners

Online Dry Cleaners

Gold Dry Cleaners is a 24/7 dry cleaning company meaning customers can place a pick up or delivery order at any time during the day or night. Gold Dry Cleaners website allows for customers to place a hassle free pick up and delivery from the easy convenience of their home. Online Dry cleaners are as simple as it sounds. We collect, clean and deliver.

These three small steps are something which Gold Dry Cleaners has the capacity to do in a matter of hours as our drivers are highly trained on how to manage traffic in London with the help of Other Online Dry Cleaning has become a necessity in London, that’s why Gold Dry Cleaners is offering this convenient dry cleaning experience to its clients at the touch of a button. Online dry cleaners usually offer an office based time frame.

At Gold Dry Cleaners we go that one step further in offering a 24/7 experience so no time is too late or early for that matter. However, online dry cleaners can have a negative impact on the environment that’s why at Gold Dry Cleaners we operate a fleet of fully electric vans, so our customers can rest assured we will leave the environment as clean as we will leave their garments.

Online Dry Cleaners must adopt this as an industry standard as it is an industry that is always increasing year on year so it’s very important in terms of sustainability. Gold Dry Cleaners has a 30 year experience in the industry and offers a full in-house experience so a customer has the satisfaction of knowing that all work that’s being given to Gold Dry Cleaners will not be outsourced to any middle company.

Gold Dry Cleaners is happy to boast about its online dry cleaning facility and its own state of the art factory with all the latest equipment. All of Gold Dry Cleaners online systems are computerized from the pick-up to the tagging of garments to the itemized piecing of orders to the delivery back to the customer. Gold Dry cleaners understood this when starting their online dry cleaning platform and took the incentive to create a bespoke floorless system which helps in its unique selling point i.e. 4 hour turn
around times for dry cleaning. We have the fastest turnaround time in the online dry cleaning market. Our computerized system has helped in achieving these unique selling points.

Gold Dry Cleaners offers all its online dry cleaning customers with discount codes to help brand loyalty towards its online dry cleaning platform. This is a strategy from Dry Cleaners which it believes will in the long run mean more business for the company. We also have an online cobbler page that allows for customers to not only order online dry cleaning but also shoe repairs and garment alterations as well. Gold Dry Cleaners has created an online dry cleaning experience which is very much all rounded with over 250 products in total to select and purchase.

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