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Linen Wash And Press

A clean well appointed house is the pride and joy of every home owner. Your home is where you make memories and cherish the good times so why not have it always sparkling? With Gold Dry Cleaners, you can get everything from pillow cases to rugs and curtains cleaned to a high standard. Use our services to maintain a clean dust free home.

Environmentally Friendly

With zero use of PERC and electric vehicles for pick up and delivery, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Home Linen Cleaning

Be it your own home or an Air BnB you can count on us to launder and press your bed sheets and plump up your duvets!

Linen Wash And Press


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Our platform  is available 24/7 for you to place your order.

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Our dedicated delivery driver will come to your address for a pick up.


Your order is cleaned at our factory using the best solvents and technologies available.


Your order will be delivered back to you within the time slot you selected. Contactless delivery is also available.


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Linen Washing service

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your clean, we will re clean your items for you free of charge.

We do not scrimp on quality and have strict quality control checks in place to ensure your satisfaction.

We use our expertise and techniques to remove any and all types of stains but if something is not possible, the customer will be notified prior to cleaning.

Air BnB Linen Cleaning Services

Much like serving many notable hotels and gyms across the city of London, Gold Dry Cleaners also operates a dedicated Air B n B service. Air B n B has rapidly become a popular platform for holiday makers and tourists looking to stay in apartments or rooms instead of hotels. With everything from log cabins to villas with pools listed on the website, there is no dearth of options for someone looking beyond the average hotel room or suite. With this change in travel and holidaying, Gold Dry Cleaners diversified in Air B n b management in London. So if you are a host, getting your linen such as towels and duvets cleaned by us will transform you into a super host in no time.

Linen Laundry Service
Linen Cleaning Services

Get your listing the “rare” classification by using our linen cleaning services. Gold Dry Cleaners has very pocket friendly rates starting from just £2.99 for a bath towel and a single duvet cover from £5.49. We offer corporate rates for bulk orders and our loyal customers. Gold Dry Cleaners are proud to be one of the best quality dry cleaning and laundry companies in central London with service currently being offered in the areas of Chelsea, Westminster, Knightsbridge and Belgravia to name a few. Most Air B n B hosts in London tend to use our express service to get their linen cleaned with the most popular products being duvet covers and pillow cases. Get your house or apartment ready for your next set of guests with our services!

Washing Home Linen At Home

According to the Sleep Foundation, most people should change their bed sheets at least once a week if they sleep in the bed everyday. If you do not, washing them once every two weeks is highly recommended. It is also good to wash your sheets and pillow cases more regularly if you have pets as they shed hair and in the warmer summer months when we tend to sweat more. Why is it so important to maintain bed and mattress hygiene?

  • Your bed sheets and pillow cases accumulate a lot germs and dirt which can trigger allergies or even cause them.
  • Dead skin cells, body oils and sweat can cause unpleasant odours and dead skin cells have even been caused to make skin conditions such as acne and rosacea worse.
  • Dust mites and their fecal matter are also found in unclean bedding and they reproduce very quickly.
You probably do not want to share your bed with all these nasty intruders so washing your sheets and pillows (your face comes into contact with them!) is very important.

Bed Linen Washing Service
Washing Home Linen

You can wash your home linen at home in your washing machine and dry them using a tumble dryer. Materials such as cotton are tough and can withstand hot temperatures which are ideal to get rid of bacteria. Some such as polyester cannot withstand very hot settings so it is best to wash them on the warm setting. Consult the care label for more information. Use a gentle detergent especially if you have sensitive skin and consider rinsing your clothes again to get rid of any detergent or fabric conditioner residue. Tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry in fresh air if possible. Additionally, pillows should be washed once every 4-6 months, duvet covers twice a month and blankets and comforters should also be washed once every 2-3 months to maintain hygiene. Bulky items like duvets and blankets an be hard to wash in the home because of the limited drum capacity of the washing machine and tumble dryer. Consider using a professional dry cleaning and laundry service such as Gold Dry Cleaners for these.

Laundry During Covid-19

You may have additional concerns and issues with regards to your laundry due to the spread of Covid-19. At Gold Dry Cleaners we have some practices and rules in place to safeguard you and our employees. These measure include the following:

Contactless Deliveries

We offer contactless deliveries in these trying times to cut down the interaction between our staff and you. This is for your safety. Simply mention a safe place where you would like our drivers to deliver your order and we will do the needful. For apartment buildings with concierges, we are happy to collect from the concierge’s desk. For pick ups, you can leave your bag of laundry in the same safe place and notify the driver via phone call of its location. This gives you added flexibility as you do not have to be home at your chosen time slot.

Bed Linen Laundry Service
Bed Linen Laundry Service

Deep Cleaning and Sanitization

All our vehicles are deep cleaned and sanitized twice a day to make sure all bacteria and germs are wiped out. The washing machines and all other equipment we utilize is also sanitized before putting a new load in to prevent any cross contamination between customer orders. We do not load two separate orders in at the same time. Every customers order is individually wrapped in plastic bags post cleaning to make sure no cross contamination occurs. All the door handles and frequently touched surfaces in the store are also cleaned and wiped. Our staff no matter if they are in a customer serving role or not wear masks to stay safe and keep you safe.


Frequently Asked Questions


Using our standard delivery services, your order will be processed and delivered back to you within 24 hours. For alteration orders and bulky items like curtains and rugs, we take longer. If you use our express cleaning services, we will deliver back to you in just a few hours.

You can pay by cash on delivery method or use a MasterCard, Visa or American Express to pay.