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Gold Dry Cleaners offer laundry services on a whole new level which sets us a class apart from the rest. We clean laundry using automatic dosing systems. This means that all laundry, which is given to Gold Dry Cleaners, will be not manually treated but treated by a machine, which will automatically give the right type of chemicals which are needed for the individual loads.

Laundry service at Gold Dry Cleaners has a unique operating system which allows for all laundry to be washed, pressed and returned at quick speed as we operate in the whole of London, and no laundry is too far for us to collect.

At Gold Dry Cleaners laundry is pressed with the highest level of wax, which applies a hotel-like finishing to each item. Our main aim for laundry is not to only be the quickest in London but to additionally have the best results on our laundry.

For Gold Dry Cleaners, no laundry quantity is a high demand due to our automatic roller pressers. With Gold Dry Cleaners, the more laundry you give the bigger savings you will get. Our operational functionality allows us to give bigger discounts to bulk orders which are worth more.

“Laundry service near me” is always the concern for all our customers no matter where they live in London. Gold Dry Cleaners has heavily invested in its laundry facilities as it understands that laundry will be a big industry year on year due to its demand by customers.

At Gold Dry Cleaners, all laundry is tagged and put into separate laundry bags before washing as we believe one household’s laundry should not be mixed with others. This is because clothes can catch embedded smells from other laundry if kept in the same bag for more than 24 hours.

Gold Dry Cleaners believes laundry hygiene is very important especially as Covid-19 has shown us to be very vigilant and set a high standard for laundry cleaning across the board.

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