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Is a Good Ironing Service in London Worth the Cost?

Ironing is a tedious chore most of us like to put off till the last minute. As the wrinkled clothes pile keeps getting bigger, you only dip into it to retrieve your absolutely essential items. You are not alone. Ironing is one of the top five most hated chores for people in the UK. In such situations, Hiring a Professional Ironing Service in London is definitely worth the cost. On average, people spend 20 minutes a day ironing their clothes which equates to about 2 hours a week.

So what do you do when you are in desperate need of freshly pressed clothes but either dread plugging in the iron or are simply pressed for time? You look for and hire a professional ironing company! A good ironing service in London can help you save time and also save you from the monotony of a task as boring and tedious as ironing. In this blog post, we have compiled the steps of hiring an ironing company as well as how professional ironing services differ from an at-home job.

How Much Ironing Do Your Clothes Need?

Look at the amount of ironing you need to have done per week. Choosing a dry cleaner that matches your needs might be a hassle sometimes. If you are working with professional Dry Cleaning Services, you probably have blouses, suit jackets, and trousers that must be ironed to crisp perfection. Roughly knowing the number of items you need to get ironed per week will help you budget your expenses as well as keep your wardrobe well organized.

Two Types of Ironing Services:

At Home and Professional:

First things first, you need to see which type of Ironing Service in London would suit your needs. Many companies which provide home cleaning services also offer ironing services. There are many cleaning and ironing services in London such as Miss Maid and The Happy House Cleaning agency. The cleaner who comes over to do the deep clean for example may also offer you an ironing service. The cost of laundry pickup and delivery is much more affordable than expected. You can book it as a part of your domestic house cleaning or separately depending on the company you are using. The other type of companies are professional laundry and dry cleaning companies who offer ironing services as well. The main difference between the two is in terms of price and the quality as well as efficiency of work. So weigh the pros and cons of both before you decide the type of company you want to opt for.

Calculate the Costs:

Calculate how much it is going to cost to hire professional services. In addition, Professional Services provide various services which include alterations as well. Shop around and compare prices to see what rates suit you. Ironing services can be charged by the item or by the hour. Look to see what arrangement is best suited to the items you have.

Ironing Service in London

Ask for Recommendations:

Ask friends, colleagues and family for referrals to have a positive experience. For services such as home cleaning and ironing, asking around is a good idea. Using a company that has been tried and tested is always better. You can save time this way but if the referrals you get are for companies that don’t serve your area for example, search online and read reviews. Platforms can also be useful in your search for laundry and cleaning. Gold Dry Cleaners offer ironing services along with free pick up and delivery across the whole of London. Best of all, we collect iron and deliver your clothes back in 24 hours!

Whether a good ironing service is worth the cost or not depends on the amount of ironing you have as well as your work schedule. If you are a professional or a stay at home mother with toddlers or infants, then having someone take care of a tedious chore such as ironing can be refreshing. Laundry services in London are ought to provide a number of other services which act in saving great time. You would rather spend what little leisure time you get indulging in some me-time or with your family.

The Best Ironing Service in London

For the best ironing service in London, choose Gold Dry Cleaners. We have a special shirt pressing plant which takes out every single crease and wrinkle out of your clothes. Collars and cuffs are pressed to crisp perfection. Our head presser Muhammad Rashid has been with us for nearly three decades and is an expert.  If you are ever short on time, Gold Dry Cleaners is your company!

We have standard delivery times of just 24 hours and we offer express services as well-meaning we can collect iron and deliver back to you within a few hours.  Our services are not just limited to clothes so if you are a restaurateur or an Air BnB host, you can use our ironing services. We also offer ironing services in London for cloth napkins, table cloths and chef jackets to name a few items. Our B2B services are widely utilized by a lot of hotels and restaurants across the city.

If you are looking to place a personal order and get amazing Ironing Service in London, simply log onto our website and choose a pick up and delivery time and date of your choice. We offer 1 hour time slots with regular driver updates via text or Whatsapp message. Our drivers are punctual but in case of any delays or unforeseen circumstances, we do inform customers promptly to prevent extra waiting times. For business-related inquiries, please phone us on 07908154397 or email us at This number puts you in contact with our manager Muhammad Wasim Khan who can discuss corporate rates as well as delivery days and times we can offer depending on the amount of work you have for us. For the best ironing services in London at economical prices, choose Gold Dry Cleaners!

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