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How to Tackle Laundry in Winters?

The UK is one of the wettest countries in the world with an average of 133 rainy days a year. We know it feels like much more! But drying your laundry in Winter can be a real hassle simply because there is not enough sunshine and heavier woolen clothes are harder to dry anyway. So if you are sick of hanging your laundry to dry on just about every available surface from the backs of dining chairs to banisters, this blog post is for you. You can easily consult laundry service London and get your clothes laundered with no effort at all. What else could you even ask for?

Top Tips to Make Laundry Bearable in Winters

Here we have compiled some top tips to make laundry bearable (and a little bit easier) in the Winter months!

Tumble Dryer

If you have a tumble dryer in the house, the most use you will get out of it is probably in the cold and dreary Winter months when hanging the clothes outside to dry is not an option. You could also get laundry cleaning services to save your time and effort. Tumble dryers however, can hike up the electricity bill very quickly. Save on your energy costs by using tumble dryer balls which decrease drying time by about 28%.

Clothes Rack

Consider investing in a collapsible clothes rack which you can put up in a spare room or vacant space near the radiator. If using in a spare room, have the windows open so air can circulate allowing the clothes to dry quicker. Damp environments can trigger allergens and diseases like asthma so ventilation is key. A fresh indoor environment is very important so let that fresh air circulate!

Hang your Clothes Wisely and Rotate

A clothes rack is most useful when utilized properly. Make use of it by stretching them out (so more surface area is exposed!) and preventing overlapping. Rotate clothes or simple switch sides to dry your clothes quicker.

Laundry Cleaning Services in London

Avoid Hanging Anything on Radiators

You might think your clothes will dry quicker if you place them directly on top of radiators but that makes your boiler work extra hard. This in turn increases heating bills. Choose the right type of winter clothing so that you do not face much problem when using radiators. As mentioned previously, using a clothes rack near the radiator is a better idea.

Make Use of the Sunny Days

There is nothing quite like the sun shining in winter time not just for the warmth and the light but also for laundry drying reasons. Make use of whenever the sun shines in the brisk months by hanging your laundry to dry in the natural sunlight and fresh air. It kills germs and is a cost effective way of getting your laundry nice and dry to be folded or ironed. There are many dry cleaners in London that have modern equipment that provde wash and fold services for your ease.

Run an Extra Spin Cycle

Run an extra spin cycle on your washing machine to get rid of excess water. Items like jeans and towels can withstand a rigorous spin but delicate items cannot and will end up getting damaged. Therefore, always look at the manufacturer’s care label instructions before. It definitely helps cut down on drying time though. Also, you should choose the right cold weather clothing options to decrease the amount of effort utilized in laundring them.

So these were our top tips for taking care of your laundry at home in the cold Winter months. But if it feels too time consuming or a big hassle, you have come to the right place. Gold Dry Cleaners offer 5 star laundry cleaning service in London that returns your clothes clean, crisp and dry back to you within 24 hours! You could also go for choosing laundry and dry cleaning services. So no waiting for sunny days to do your laundry and having to set up a clothes rack and rotating items on it. Simply contact Gold Dry Cleaners and take the stress of laundry and drying away.

Laundry Cleaning Services in London

Best Laundry Service London

Gold Dry Cleaners laundry and dry cleaning services have consistently been rated as amongst the best in London. Not only do we operate 24 hours which no other dry cleaner in London does but we also collect, clean and deliver back within a day i.e. just 24 hours. You can place an order through our website or call us at 07908154397. We also charge much more reasonably as compared to most other dry cleaning and laundry shops in the area of Kensington and Chelsea charging just £3 per kg for a bag of wash, dry and fold laundry.  This is because all our operations are in-house and our team is expertly trained in all laundry and dry cleaning work. We are also well equipped to deal with all kinds of fabrics including leather and suede which classifies into “specialist cleaning.”

Gold Dry Cleaners laundry cleaning service is top quality with a strong focus on using eco friendly solvents and detergents which are tough on grease and stains while being gentle on the fibers of the garment to ensure an optimum clean but no damage to the item. We also use electric vans in our operations to ensure that our carbon footprint is as low as possible. At Gold Dry Cleaners, we operate on the mantra of “value you can trust” We aim to be a laundry and dry cleaning company our patrons can always count on to deliver results and quality every time they place an order with us. So what are you waiting for? Contact Gold Dry Cleaners and book your pick up slot today!

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