How to store knits

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How to store knits

Knitwear is a Winter essential for both men and women. Not only are they great for keeping warm but also for layering and building well coordinated outfits. Investing in good quality sweaters and knits is a must for a stylish wardrobe. However, washing your knitwear incorrectly can cause it to loose shape or shrink which is a definite no-no. In this blog post, we are sharing some tips to clean and store knits the proper way.

  • Hang your wools and knits on padded hangars. Make sure not to hang bulky items on hangars, use them for lighter items like cardigans or dresses instead.
  • Add lavender bags amongst your knitwear to keep them smelling fresh. This will also deter moths from damaging the items.
  • At the end of Winter season, store your woolen coats and sweaters in clear airtight storage boxes. Not only will the box protect your knits from getting into contact with insects and dampness but you can also see what is inside to help prevent you rummaging around.

Follow these steps to clean you knitwear at home:

Note: It is advisable to wash knitwear by hand.

  • Submerge the garment in the water and let it soak for about 5 minutes.
  • Carefully rinse the garment in warm water making sure there are no bubbles.
  • Don’t wring or twist the garment. Instead, lay it flat on a thick towel to air dry it. Remember never to tumble dry woollen garments.

Because of the delicate shrinkage prone nature of woollen garments, it is best to get them cleaned by experts like Gold Dry Cleaners. Starting from only £5.50 for lighter knitwear, try our services today!

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