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How To Set Up A Cozy Bed

How To Set Up A Cozy Bed

Come Autumn, all we can envision is crisp weather, crunchy leaves and of course, cozying up in bed to watch some Netflix with a cup of coffee. If you are the sort who just loves getting cocooned up in bed and believes a lie in on a Sunday sounds like magic, we have some tips on how you can get a cozy bed. (Warning: You will struggle to get out!)

  • For a comfortable night’s sleep, having the correct base is very important. Invest in a good mattress and mattress topper. The latter will protect your mattress keeping it in good condition for longer.
  • Upgrading your sheets will completely transform the way your bed feels. Invest in good quality Egyptian cotton or linen sheets for hotel like luxury at home.
  • Put a fuzzy rug next to your bed. Sinking your feet into warm plush fabric feels that much more nicer than hitting hardwood floor each morning.
  • Adding a bright patterned duvet cover and a few throw pillows will make your bed look much more welcoming. Play around with colours and fabrics until you find something that captivates you.
  • Put a faux fur throw at the end of the bed. It makes for the perfect accessory and can be used to stay warm while scrolling through your phone in bed.
  • Overhead light can be too bright and glary for bedrooms. It is a good idea to have lighting fixtures with dimmers or use lamps to radiate warm light into the room.

Make your bed every single morning! Kind of like a no brainer but throw open the windows to let in fresh air, plump up those pillows and tuck in the sheet neatly. It will make your bedroom much more inviting. If you struggle to wash and iron your bed sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases, Gold Dry Cleaners offers professional Dry Clean services starting from as little as £2 for a pillow case and £9 for a single bed sheet.

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