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How to Make Your Washer and Dryer last longer

How to make your washer and dryer last longer

Your washing machine and dryer have the hard job of cleaning everything from removing stains on your sports kit to getting the odours out of your socks. Treat them well by regularly cleaning and maintaining them to make sure they last you longer. Increase the life of your laundry appliances by following some simple guidelines. 

Do not use the appliances too much

Build up laundry loads and then turn on the washing machine. Try to stick to 6-8 loads a week maximum to increase the life of your washer. 

Easy on the detergent

Always follow your washing machine’s manual and use the detergent in the amount recommended. Extra soap or detergent makes the washing machine work hard and wastes energy plus reduces life span. High efficiency washing machines require even less soap so always check what is most compatible with your appliance. 

Do not overstuff the appliance

Always put in the right quantity of load inside the washing machine and dryer. Over stuffing it can damage the drum and increases wear and tear on the mechanism inside the machine. 

Clean the dispenser/softener drawer

Remove the dispenser and softener drawers on the washer and clean them to prevent build up. Soap and detergent buildup is detrimental to the efficiency of the machine and therefore its working life.

Hand wash certain items

Delicates like lace undergarments should be hand washed not just to maintain them but also because the under wires and hooks from them can damage the washing machine. If that is not a feasible option, use mesh bags to make sure you do not scratch the door of your washing machine.

Clean the dryer’s lint screen/filter

Improve the dryer’s air flow by cleaning the lint filter and screen regularly after every use.

Get a professional service done

Every once in a while get a professional service and clean done to make sure your machine is in excellent condition. Everything from the hose to the pipes and the drum need to be inspected and cleaned to ensure the machine keeps serving you and your family well. 

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