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How Often Should You Get Your Curtains Washed?

Curtains and drapes attract dust and absorb moisture as well as odours over time. Whether you have £15 Ikea curtains on your windows or expensive lace ones, they need to be cleaned by either you or Curtain Cleaning Services to keep them in a good usable condition. However, most people when they spring clean their homes tend to ignore curtains and drapes making them one of the dirtiest household items.

Curtains are left just hanging in there while rugs are deep cleaned, floors are mopped and walls are wiped. Mould can form on curtains especially in damp winter weather which can cause allergies and breathing problems in the inhabitants of the house or living space. This can be a health hazard. This is why services offerd by launderettes include quality curtain cleaning and variable other services.

How often you wash your curtains or get them washed/dry cleaned professionally depends on a number of factors. What type of curtain cleaning services should you get and When? We will discuss them in this blog post along with a step by step guide on how to wash and clean your curtains at home.

Why Should You Wash Your Curtains?

Washing and cleaning your curtains is very important for a number of reasons which we have highlighted below:


The number one culprit hiding amongst the folds of your curtains is dust. This is particularly true if you live in an urban area or on a busy main road with lots of traffic going past every day. Dust and debris gets trapped in the curtains which act as a filter preventing it from coming inside the house. Clean your curtains to keep your dust filter intact!


Live in a country with lots of regular rainfall and wintery weather? Mould can form on curtains which do not get cleaned often giving rise to breathing problems such as asthma. Make sure its removed completely from the curtains before hanging them back.

Pollen and Airborne Particles

Cigarette smoke, pollen and pet hair are just some of the stuff which can get trapped in curtains. If yellowing curtains, stale air and musty odour puts you off, make sure to give your curtains a regular shake up and a deep clean.


Living by the seaside and waking up to the tangy salty breeze and sea gulls everyday? Salty sea air deposits on curtains and makes a coating o them. The lining gets affected as well so it is best to frequently clean your curtains.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services in London offer quality curtain cleaning. They have modern equipment and special chemical liquids that make your curtains look and feel brand new. Several other services are also offered by professional dry cleaners, e.g., wash and fold services and laundry pickup and delivery services

Curtain Cleaning Services

Time-Span of Cleaning Your Curtains:

How often curtains should be cleaned depends on what room they are hanging in and how often it is used. Cleaning the curtains at the primary start or front curtain is cumpolsory for everyone. Curtains hanging in your master bedroom or living room for example will need to be cleaned more frequently than those hanging in the guest bedroom which barely ever gets used. You should wash or dry clean the curtains in rooms which are infrequently used about twice a year while those in frequently used spaces should be cleaned every three months.

How to Clean Your Curtains at Home?

Curtains play an important part in our dailylife. All of us want to keep them hale and hearty,especially women. There was even a campaign of raise the curtains stood up by Women in Covid. In this section of the blog, we provide a handy step by step guide on how to clean your curtains at home. Please be sure to read the care label instructions first before attempting any cleaning. If it is stated that the curtains are dryclean only, you risk damaging them by cleaning them at home!

Step One

Firstly, assemble what you will need to clean your curtains. You will need a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment, laundry detergent, a big tub or bucket to soak your curtains in and a brush.

Step Two

Remove your curtains from the poles and lay them flat. Use the upholstery attachment on your vaccum cleaner to get all the dust, pet hair and debris out of your curtains. Make sure to vaccum both sides!

Step Three

After the removal of dust, it is time to fill the big tub or bucket with lukewarm water plus some laundry detergent. Place the curtains in this water and detergent solution to soak them.

Step Four

Drain the water afterwards and rinse the curtains in plenty of fresh water to get rid of the soap suds. Gently squeeze the curtains to get rid of excess water.

Step Five

Hang the curtains back on their poles while they are still damp so that they return back to their normal position.

Curtain Cleaning Services

Finest Curtain Cleaning Services in London

Performing laundry in Covid-19 can be a hassle some task for you. Gold Dry Cleaners provide high quality curtain washing and cleaning services all across London. We have commercial sized washing machines and tumble dryers which can hold big bulky curtains as well such as velvet and silk drapes. We also provide a removal and rehang services which further makes things easier for our customers. So if you are looking to avail curtain cleaning services, look no further than Gold Dry Cleaners.

Our curtain washing services get rid of all the dirt and pollution trapped in your curtains returning them to a near new state. To place your order as well as book a slot for our take off and rehang service, use our website Alternatively, you can phone us at 07908154397 and we can send our experts over to your location.

Our curtain cleaning services use purified water along with hydrocarbon solvent to dry clean your curtains. It’s a gentle and effective clean which means your curtains do not loose their shape and stay fresh for longer. So next time you see the dry clean symbol on your curtains, do not panic. Call Gold Dry Cleaners and arrange for a pick up. We are unmatched in quality and convenience. Try our awardwinning curtain washing services today!

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