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High Quality Dry Cleaning

High Quality Dry Cleaning

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we offer a bespoke high quality dry cleaning service with all services being done at our state of the art dry cleaning factory. Gold Dry Cleaners have high quality machines that are updated every 3 years to make sure our customers have the same exceptional quality dry cleaning experience time and time again.

When starting this company, providing the best quality of service was our main aim, as we have always believed in building a portfolio of clients by word of mouth. Being consistent in terms of quality and service is the best way of achieving the aims of our company, as a happy customer is the best type of advertising.

At Gold Dry Cleaners, all dry cleaning items are cleaned with the highest quality of solvent to make sure our clients receive the quality that they are paying for. All garments that are brought to Gold Dry Cleaners undergo an intense check for stains, damages and instructions on how to clean the garment.

Additionally once this has been done we make sure all garments are weighed and counted before entering the machine load, as we don’t overload our machines to cut costs. Gold Dry Cleaners make sure all loads are cleaned to a high quality standard as cutting corners does not deliver the best results.

Once loads come out we make sure all garments are individually checked to make sure we achieve maximum cleaning potential. If that is not the case, we clean all garments which we believe can achieve a better quality finish.
All our dry cleaning machines are serviced and maintenance is done every 6 months. This is done to make sure all garments that go into the machine experience a high quality dry clean.

All the filters are cleaned after every load to make sure no cross contamination occurs. Hygiene is very important at Gold Dry Cleaners, hence all loads are inspected by a senior presser and signed off to make sure no quality check is missed. This is one of the many benefits of using Gold Dry Cleaners compared with its competitors like other , as we don’t outsource any work. This means that we are able and have a vested interest in work that’s being done as they are our own customers.

To offer high quality dry cleaning it’s important that you have a process in place for quality checks. Gold Dry Cleaners offers strict protocols throughout the dry cleaning process to make sure it obtains the high quality standards it advertises. Once each dry cleaning load has finished, staff at Gold Dry Cleaners clean the cage of the dry cleaning machine with antibacterial spray to make sure no germs can transfer and there is no risk of cross contamination.

Each load uses fresh percetherlene solvent that is used to clean the garments. The benefit of using fresh percetherlene is it gives a crisp feel to the garment maintaining vibrance and prevents it from looking worn and old. In turn this delivers a high quality finishing to the dry cleaned garments.

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