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How to Find a Tailor for Clothing Alterations Cost and Benefits?

There is nothing as frustrating as having lots of clothes in your closet but nothing you can actually wear. Maybe it is because you have recently shredded some pounds and the outfits which used to fit you perfectly now seem to hang loosely on your frame. Finding a good tailor for Clothing Alterations Cost and Benefits might be hassle sometimes. Also, it could be because you succumbed to temptation and ordered a few new items from the sale at your favourite store and they are not exactly right for you. Or it could be that the sleeves are too long or the shirt is too baggy.

A tailoring service can turn around this situation and you can have a wardrobe of items which fit you well, are on trend and most importantly, get more worth for your money. However, we know that finding a tailor is not easy. There are some fine Dry Cleaning Services in London that perform quality work and make no compromise on their customer’s satisfaction. You have to find someone who is not too expensive, is a professional who knows his craft and at the same time, has a good rapport with you and you can easily explain your requirements to them and receive the correct advice. In this blog post, we will attempt to shed some light on how tailoring services can help you as well as give you some tips on how to find a tailor who does a decent job. 

Alterations Cost

The number one thing which is a concern for most people and is a deal maker or breaker when it comes to using a tailoring service is alterations cost. A tailor can take in trousers, reduce the length of your dresses or even update your oversized jackets and over shirts to make them more slimmer and tapered. You will spend much less than buying a whole new wardrobe. You can have your off the rack purchases altered to fit to you at a fraction of the cost of getting something bespoke. There are a number of benefits of altering clothes. The cost of alterations does vary quite a lot depending on the kind of job you are getting done. Simple hemming jobs are much cheaper than taking in trousers or blazers or replacing the lining on a garment.

Alteration Services

If you have recently lost or gained weight, you will need to use alteration services to have your trouser waistband adjusted or your dress taken out or fitted. This is where alteration services come in. The Change in Fashion after Covid has drastically approached the entire world. But before getting something trendy altered, you need to answer two questions. 

  1. Is my Tailor Capable of Doing this Job?

You want someone who can understand what you want and what you don’t like. They should also be easy to communicate with. Their skill set and commitment to their craft is also important. Think about how much work the garment needs and then decide whether they are the 

  1.  Is the Dress/Outfit Worth Getting Tailored? 

You don’t want to spend money on a tailoring job unless the dress or outfit you are getting tailored is well worth the money you will spend on it. 

alteration services in London

Now to find a good reputable tailor, there is a couple of options you can explore:

  • Ask friends, family or work colleagues for recommendations. Anyone is dressed in perfect fitted and well made clothes is a good person to ask. You can also ask high end clothing retailers about where their clients go to get their fittings done. 
  • If you don’t have someone in mind that you can ask, search “alteration services in London” or “alteration services near me” and read the reviews on an app such as Yelp or Google itself. 
  • If you have a specialist item such as a jacket with a fur collar or a suede skirt, look for a tailor who regularly works with that kind of clothing. It is a good idea to look for tailors who can handle tricky alterations. 
  • Go in store and examine the tailors’ work. Look at the neatness of the stitches as well as the hems and the sleeves. This will give you an insight into the tailors potential.
  • Entrust the tailor with a small job and then move onto the more complicated ones. Starting with something small and straightforward is very important to check the competence of the tailor.

What You Should Ask Yourself before Opting for a Tailoring Job?

It is worth altering clothes you love and will wear often enough to justify the expense. Inexpensive clothes tend to shrink or the colour tends to bleed after a few washes so altering them is not the best idea. You will just end up wasting money as you won’t get enough wear out of the altered clothes. Suits are one item it is worth buying off the rack and then getting altered as getting a custom fit bespoke suit made works out to be far more expensive than purchasing a generic suit off the shelf and altering it so it fits you properly. 

Alteration Services in London

For the best alteration services in London, trust Gold Dry Cleaners. We have 30 years of experience in tailoring, dry cleaning and laundry. Our team is passionate about dry cleaning and they ensure that they go above and beyond for our customers. To place an alterations order with us, phone 07908154397 or use our website and in the “Pricing” tab select alterations to see what services we have available and how much we charge for them. Our tailor Master Rajab has been with us since inception and feel free to drop into our store to discuss your requirements and expectations from your alteration job.  

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