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Clean to Perfection

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Express dry cleaning has become very popular in recent times owing to busy lifestyles. It is for this reason that Gold Dry Cleaners offers an express service which is faster than any other dry cleaner in London. Staying ahead of the game and providing excellent quality has helped us to create and maintain a loyal customer base.

Gold Dry Cleaners offer express dry cleaning with turnaround times of as quick as 2 hours. We can collect from customers in as little as 1 hour from the time orders have been placed. Gold Dry Cleaners is the fastest dry cleaner in London as we do everything in-house and we can give the fastest turnaround times compared with other companies in London.

Gold Dry Cleaners offers express service 24/7 meaning you can place an express order any time of the day or night. Gold Dry Cleaners is the only Dry cleaner in London to offer such a fast turnaround time and is able to cater for any demand from our customers.

Gold Dry Cleaners make sure that all express dry cleaning is still done to the same quality and standard which normal dry cleaning is done to. This is owing to our firm belief in quality before anything else. Gold Dry Cleaners offer great express quality as all items go into the machine separately so time is saved.

on separating garments after. When Gold Dry Cleaners receive an express order, we always have a delivery driver readily available for a pick up from any location in London. For express dry cleaning orders delivery drivers are instructed to go to the pickup location, collect and bring the order back to the shop in Chelsea.

Once checked and dry cleaned the same driver will solely go back to the customer and drop the express dry cleaning. This is a very bespoke service but a service that is very popular within London. Express dry cleaning is something that many dry cleaners struggle with. At Gold Dry Cleaners we have a separate contingency plan in place for express dry cleaning, as our aim as a dry cleaner is to cater to any and all types of dry cleaning needs.

Express dry cleaning is made much easier with the computerized system we have in place. The system allows for a much smoother process in terms of management and quality control of express dry cleaning. As Gold Dry Cleaners has a very professional and loyal team which have been with the company for a long time it allows for systems to run much more efficiently which further helps with express dry cleaning.

All of our vans that are operating in London are fully electric so even if the van is making a solo trip for express dry cleaning, the environment is still safe and not being affected in a negative way. Many 5 star hotels in London use us for express dry cleaning as short-term clients need their items back quickly for traveling or other needs. That’s why a member of our team is constantly in contact with our customers for Express Dry Cleaning, as we can understand that not all companies that offer Express Dry Cleaning deliver what they promise.

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