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Duvet Cover Wash And Press

To maintain a healthy hygienic home, it is very important to launder your bed linen and duvets regularly. The latter due to their size and bulkiness can be difficult to wash and dry and at home. Use Gold Dry Cleaners duvet wash and press services to maintain an immaculate bedroom and avoid germs and dust mites from lurking about. Fast and affordable, we promise a thorough clean!

Environmentally Friendly

We use only the best quality eco friendly solvents and detergents in our washing and dry cleaning operations. We do not use PERC as it is a toxic and hazardous substance that has health risks associated with it.

Wash And Press

Our wash and press service does exactly what it promises. Your clothes are laundered and then pressed to crisp perfection and packed in our signature packaging-the perfect finishing touch!

Duvet Cover Washing


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Wash And Press

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we keep our prices low but quality standards high. The best solvents and technologies are used at our factory.

We strive year after year to be kinder to the environment by adopting practices such as no fuel consumption and use of electric vehicles as well as less use of paper.

Not happy with the results? We will re clean free of charge. Please note we do have the right to refuse or inform you prior to processing if a stain is impossible to remove.

Duvet Washing Services London

Having clean bed linen especially bed sheets and duvets is very important for hygiene reasons. Dust mites, pet hair and dead skin cells all accumulate in our bedding making it a breeding ground for germs and other nasties. Sleeping in a clean bed is not a luxury but a necessity for your overall health. Washing and drying your duvets and heavy tog comforters can be difficult though especially in the Winter when the sun rarely shines and you must resort to cramming them in the tumble dryer or hang them inside near radiators. Gold Dry Cleaners offer premium quality duvet washing services.

Duvet Washing Services London​
Duvet Washing Services London​

Be it goose feather or polyester filling, our team of experts can clean your duvets and have them ready for you to sink into for a good nights sleep. We usually wet clean or dry clean our duvets as these processes are more gentler and though than normal laundry. The procedure we use to dry clean duvets at our factory is as follows:

  • The duvet is inspected for loose threads, stains and marks.
  • These are then spot treated using special liquid prior to cleaning.
  • We use hydrochlorothene solvent in dry cleaning and purified water is used. Any impurities are gotten rid of using special filters to pump the solvent through.
  • Your cleansed and sanitized duvet is then carefully dried and packed to be delivered back to you!

Laundry With A Difference!

Gold Dry Cleaners uses quality natural cleaning products and solvents that are effective yet gentle. We aim to cut down our carbon footprint every year by adopting some green practices which are kinder to the environment. This includes the use of electric delivery vehicles so we simply charge them to use instead of consuming fuel and contributing to air pollution. This makes a dramatic difference for a bustling city like London where the pollution levels are generally high. We are taking laundry to a whole new level as we use automatic dosing systems at our factory. This means that all laundry, which is given to Gold Dry Cleaners, will be not manually treated but treated by a machine.

Duvet Cover Press
Duvet Cover Wash

These machines automatically give the right type of chemicals which are needed for the individual loads. The number of spins, rinses and amount of detergent required for the load added is automatically determined by the machine meaning a clean which is thorough and just right. All dry cleaning at Gold Dry Cleaners is steam pressed; steam pressing is one of the most hygienic pressing systems as it kills all potential bacteria that may be on the garment. This is especially important in these trying times when Covid-19 is rampant. All our machinery is deep cleaned on a regular basis and all customer loads are kept separate. The latter is a policy we have kept in place to prevent cross contamination. All the garments are packed with disposable plastic wrappers with our signature logos and placed in the van ready to be delivered to you.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Duvet Stains

If you have accidentally spilled your morning coffee onto your duvet on a lazy Sunday morning or your toddler has had a little urine accident, do not worry. You don’t have to throw out your perfectly good duvet because you are afraid of the smell lurking. Apart from these accidents, saliva can cause brown stains to appear on duvets while sweat can cause unsightly yellow stains. We are sharing some home remedies here to get rid of duvet stains.
Dishwashing liquid
Use dish washing quid such as Fairy and apply it directly onto the stain. Rub it in properly before putting the sheet or duvet into the washing machine. The Fairy will help get rid of yellow discolouration.

Duvet Cover Washing Services
Duvet Stains removal

A good long soak in warm water and a bit of detergent can be helpful in removing old dried up stains. The solution will help loosen the stain and it will come off without having to rub hard.
A cupful of white vinegar poured into the washing machine along with your regular liquid or powder detergent will get rid of any unpleasant smells lurking in your bedding.
Sunlight has bleaching properties and stains are lightened as a result. Drying your bed linen outside in the fresh air and sunlight in general is better to get rid of germs.

Do not give stains time to set or they become difficult to remove. For professional stain removal services, try Gold Dry Cleaners duvet cleaning services.


Frequently Asked Questions


Always follow the care label instructions when cleaning your duvets and blankets. Use the temperature and type of setting the manufacturers recommend. Hang to dry when possible or use the tumble dryer. We have a complete list of steps and tips on our blog section on this website. Please give it a read!

We clean all types of duvets and comforters including goose feather. For a price quote, it is best to call us at 07908154397 as prices depend on the size. A standard single duvet is £11.

You can get out yellow stains from your duvet by using baking soda! Just add half a cup of baking soda along with your usual washing powder/liquid and fabric conditioner into your washing machine. Wash your duvet at the hottest setting it can withstand. Dry thoroughly before use.