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Duvet Cleaning Services

Gold Dry Cleaners offer professional duvet dry cleaning services at very pocket friendly prices. Duvets and curtains are some of the bulky home linen items which are hard or sometimes impossible to launder in an at home washing machine which has a typical drum size of 8-9 kg. Dry cleaning is the most effective way of getting rid of tough stains and marks. Gold Dry Cleaners also offer pillow cleaning services including goose feather pillows. 

Environment Friendly

We take great pride in using eco friendly and biodegradable detergents in our operations as well as deliver all our pressing and laundry orders in electric vehicles. Gold Dry Cleaners aim to cut down on our fuel consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

Shirt Service: Fold and Hang

Duvet dry cleaners offer two types of pressing and duvet cleaning services when it comes to shirts. You can choose to have them hung on hangers or folded. Whichever option you pick, crisp collars and an immaculate wrinkle free finish is guaranteed.

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duvet cleaning services

Orders are delivered same day as a standard! Express cleaning and delivery available.

Our electric vehicles and biodegradable detergents are kinder to the environment.

If you are not satisfied with the finish and quality of your garments/home linen we will clean it again for free! Quality is guaranteed.

Pillows & Duvet Dry Cleaning Services London

Having clean pillows and duvets is very important for bed hygiene as well as a good nights sleep. Your bedding is where bed bugs and mites can multiply if it is not kept washed and clean. This is because our beds are hot spots for sweat, dead skin as well as body oils etc which contributes to dirty bedding. On average, duvets should be washed twice a year while pillows should be washed every month.

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We use filtered water for all our dry cleaning processes and are one of the only duvet dry cleaners in London to do so. After cleaning, we move onto the drying stage. Depending on the care instructions, a certain temperature is used for drying purposes. This step helps get rid of dust mites and bed bugs. We apply a special hand finish to all our bedding and home linen while pressing for better duvet cleaners near me. All wrinkles and creases are removed and your quilt is packed ready to be delivered. For quality duvet & pillows cleaning in London choose Gold Dry Cleaners.

Pillow Cleaning Services

Most pillows can be put in the washing machine if you use a warm/cold gentle cycle and do not tumble dry them on high heat. Duvet & Pillows cleaning services and pillow cases are another bedding item which need to be washed regularly as there is facial contact when we sleep on them. Regularly wash and cleanse your pillows and pillow cases to avoid common skin problems such as acne and for general health and hygiene.

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If you have ever despaired over dirty duvets and comforters or have found yourself trying to look up “duvet cleaners near me” or “duvet dry cleaning near me”, your search is over. At Gold, customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. Happy customers are at the heart of any business and we take great care in looking after ours. If you are unsatisfied with our duvet dry cleaning services in London, we will re clean your item free of charge. Our 5 star Google rating speaks for itself when it comes to quality and the excellence of the service we provide. Try our award wining duvet laundry services today and experience the magic of “Value you can trust'' which is our mantra when it comes to laundry, Ironing and dry cleaning.

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Duvet Dry Cleaning Services

For our duvet cleaning services in London, we follow the manufacturer's care label instructions and also use our own expertise based on the type of fabric. Dry Cleaning is more gentle on fabrics than laundering as it does not use water. Natural and synthetic materials are treated differently. Here is the complete method of Duvet and Pillow Cleaning Services we provide to our customers. Generally the first thing we do is inspect your duvet for loose threads, stains or and marks. We then proceed to carefully spot treats and remove them. Your comforter or duvet is then placed inside our industrial sized machine with hydrocholorothene solvent. The solvent pumps through a specific filter to ensure that all impurities are gotten rid of. After that the solvent enters the housing cylinder inside the machine to cleanse and sanitize your duvet.

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The Convenience Factor

Our duvet dry cleaning services in London saves you having to carry heavy items such as comforters and duvets all the way to a launderette or a duvet dry cleaners. So the next time you see a “dry clean only” label on your comforters/duvets or any other household item, do not panic. Order your cleaning online and our delivery driver will come right to your address and collect plus deliver your items back to you with phenomenal Duvet and Pillow Cleaning Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The price will depend on a number of different factors such as the material of the duvet as well as the size e.g. single duvets will cost less than king size ones. For an accurate price estimate it is best to either call us at 07908154397 or bring it in store if you can and one of our staff members will be able to help you. 

Always follow the care label instructions when cleaning or laundering any item at home. If your duvet has a label stating “dry clean only”, take it to a professional company such as Gold Dry Cleaners. As a general rule of thumb, use gentle cycles and do not tumble dry your duvets on high heat when doing Duvet laundry service and Pillow Cleaning Services at home. Always make sure that your washing machine drum is large enough for the duvet to rotate freely in it and do duvet cleaners near me.  


Duvets don’t need to be washed as frequently as sheets or other bedding since they have a cover. It is, however, not harmful to wash it every few months. Try it at least once or twice a year if this seems excessive.

Duvet Dry cleaners provide the expert laundry equipment needed to thoroughly clean and care for your comforter or down duvet.

Dry washing a comforter might cost anything from £20 to £50. The cost of a comforter is determined by where you reside, as well as the material and size of the comforter. It may be more expensive to fix any little holes, tears, loose seams, or stains.

   Pre-Treat Stains

  •         Put Bedding in the Washer
  •         Put the Tennis Balls in the Washer
  •         Add Laundry Detergent
  •         Set the Cycle and Run the Washer
  •         Remove and Check for Soap Residue
  •         Transfer to the Dryer
  •         Check the Dryer and Fluff