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How to Dry Clean at Home in 2021

How to Dry Cleaning at Home in 2021

Bought the most perfect well-fitting blazer only to discover it has an inconspicuous “Dry Clean only” tag tucked away into a corner? Hyperventilating at the thought of how much its actually going to cost to get it cleaned at the dry cleaners? Don’t fret! Gold Dry Cleaners offer 24 hour dry cleaning across London and do not charge an arm and leg for it! Leaving the job to professionals is highly advisable when it comes to expensive designer items. If you are brave enough to attempt dry cleaning at home, in this guide we show you exactly how you can do that!

  • Proceed with caution

When dealing with a leather, suede, fur or taffeta item, it is best to contact the dry cleaners and have them take over. The special techniques and machinery the professionals use cannot be replicated at home.

  • Buy an at home dry cleaning kit

The kit comes complete with stain remover pens or bottles to take off stains and prepare your clothing for dry cleaning. Spot test the stain remover on a small spot and do not scrub it hard lest you damage the fibers of the fabric. Use the stain remover on the stain only!

  • Follow the instructions

Most DIY dry cleaning kits call for putting the garments in a dryer bag with a towel that has been pretreated with the dry cleaning solution. The bag is then put in a tumble dryer for 30 mins and the heat works to activate the dry cleaning solution rendering clean and sparkling clothes in a very short period of time.

  • Remove and store immediately

Once the tumble dryer stops, remove your freshly dry cleaned clothes from it and hang them immediately on hangers in your closet.

  • Use a hand held steamer

If you feel that your garments are still wrinkly and lack that professional dry cleaners touch, invest in a hand held steamer. The steam will get rid of the wrinkles. Direct heat from an iron can be applied as well but hand held steamers are best for professional results. 

Dry cleaners increase the longevity of your clothes and is worth doing or getting done! If you are ever stuck with a stain your favourite coat or gown, entrust Gold Dry Cleaners with the job. We offer 24 hour dry cleaning to solve your wardrobe woes whenever and wherever you need us!

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