Curtain Cleaning Services

Curtains and drapes tend to accumulate dirt, dust and allergens over time. For a healthier home, it is important to regularly get your curtains and upholstery cleaned. As well as having 30 years of experience dry cleaning garments, curtain cleaning, and home linen, Gold Dry Cleaners also offer curtain cleaning services and rehang services. Our specialist service gets rid of all the grime and our hand finish restores your curtains to their former glory. We also strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to rule out risk of shrinkage and damage. 

Environmentally Friendly

We take great pride in using eco friendly and biodegradable detergents in our operations as well as deliver all our pressing and laundry orders in electric vehicles. Gold Dry Cleaners aim to cut down on our fuel consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

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We offer two types of pressing services when it comes to shirts. You can choose to have them hung on hangers or folded. Whichever option you pick, crisp collars and an immaculate wrinkle free finish is guaranteed.
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Orders are delivered same day as a standard! Express cleaning and delivery available.

Our electric vehicles and biodegradable detergents are kinder to the environment.

If you are not satisfied with the finish and quality of your garments/home linen we will clean it again for free! Quality is guaranteed.

Curtain Cleaning Service London

Gold Dry Cleaner’s curtain dry cleaning services is second to none. We send our driver to your address to help remove the drapes/curtains from the windows and once at our store, our expert team inspects the curtains for any spots and stains. The length of the curtains is also a key factor, they are measured prior to cleaning so as to check for and prevent shrinkage. Shrinkage is rarely a problem because of our strict adherence to the care label instructions but if it does happen, we treat it at the pressing stage. Gold Dry Cleaners use state of the art machinery to provide high quality curtain cleaning service in London. All our drapery is cleaned in house at our Old Brompton Road premises.

Types of curtain cleaning service London

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we have two types of services for curtains:

  • Standard Clean (5 to 6 days)
  • Thorough Clean (2 weeks)
Our standard clean is suitable for simple curtains and drapes. An industrial sized curtain steam cleaner is used to cleanse and then all the creases are removed. Our thorough Curtains Washing Service is well suited for delicate and high value curtains. Curtains which are easily prone to shrinkage as well as those with stubborn marks and stains should also be thoroughly cleaned. Curtain dyes are quite weak and colour bleeding can be an issue as well, so we always do a sample test before providing our curtain cleaning service in London in our thorough cleaning process to ensure the colour stays put.
For price quotes and more information, you can call 07908154397 or drop into our store and get advice. The prices listed on our website are just an approximate amount and we may charge extra depending on our curtain cleaning services and on the lining and the extra care required for fine delicate fabrics so it is best to contact us and get a quote. Our curtain cleaning dry cleaning services process takes 5-6 working days.

Curtain Dry Cleaning Services

The first step in the curtain cleaning process is spot treatment after which we commence with the dry cleaning process. Eco friendly gentle solvents and cold water is used in our industrial sized machines to allow for a thorough and effective clean. Our Curtain Dry Cleaning Services follow these steps. Sometimes, we launder curtains as well depending on the type of fabric used. Deodorizing is done to get rid of any smells and leave your curtains fresh smelling. Lastly, curtain ironing service is part of the process and the curtains are pressed to perfection ready to adorn your window again.

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Dangers of Dirty Curtains

Curtains can cause serious health problems if left unclean and unattended for prolonged periods of time. Some of the dangers of dirty curtains include: 

  • Dust accumulation and breathing problems: 

Curtain fabrics accumulate a lot of dust and allergens over time while they act as a shield protecting your room from the direct sunlight and cold. This can in turn cause breathing problems and trigger allergic reactions such as sneezing and coughing. 

  • Mould and asthma: 

Mould can thrive in dirty and damp curtains and can cause dangerous health problems including chest infections and asthma. Mould and mildew is especially common in shower curtains. A professional curtain cleaning service London is very necessary to get rid of mould and mildew since using the right products and techniques is pertinent to ensure a thorough clean. Since it is very harmful to kids, older people and pregnant women, it is best to take care of mould immediately and prevent it from spreading.  

  • Insects, Pests and health issues: 

Dirty curtains can become a breeding ground for insects and a place for them to lay eggs. These eggs can trigger health problems, cause infections and disrupt your sleep.   

Ironing Service london
Ironing Service london

Curtains and drapes are meant as an adornment for your windows as well as to protect the rooms from heat, cold and direct sunlight. However, often they turn out to be the most neglected part of the house in terms of cleaning. Enhance the ambience of your home and make sure you and your family breathe in clean unpolluted air by keeping your curtains clean with our Curtain Dry Cleaning Services. Since they are big and bulky plus harder to take off and rehang, make use of Gold Dry Cleaners curtain washing services. If you have ever typed up “curtain dry cleaning near me” and failed to find a reliable company, look no further than Gold Dry Cleaners for phenomenal curtain cleaning service at your doorsteps. Unmatched in price and quality, call us for a price estimate now or simply drop us an email at One of our friendly team members will be in touch. Be it roman blinds, velvet drapes or lace curtains, we can clean them all for you!  


Frequently Asked Questions

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Curtains should be cleaned at least once every three to six months to keep your home allergen and pollutant free. 

All drapes and curtains in the home absorb dirt, dust and pollutants over time as there is constant airflow. Cleaning them has an immediate positive impact on the quality of air.