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How Much Does A Fine Wash And Fold Service Cost?

Does it feel that your day is just packed full of work and home commitments with no time to tackle mundane tasks like laundry? Laundry services are not just a luxury but a requirement for the busy city dweller with so many tasks on the to do list that 24 hours are simply not enough. If doing laundry is not your cup of tea because of the time factor or because you live in an apartment and do not own a tumble dryer or if it’s simply because poring over care labels and following garment instructions seems tedious this blog post is for you. Here we will explain Gold Dry Cleaners wash and fold service, our free pick up and delivery service as well as how to place an order with us.

Wash and Fold Services in London

There are a number of benefits of wash and fold services. Laundry services in a bustling metropolitan city like London vary depending on the area the facility is based in. Dry cleaning and laundry shops based in high end areas such as Knightsbridge and Chelsea typically tend to charge more for their services as compared to those in the suburbs and outskirts. This is because costs incurred by the company are usually higher in these areas. If you look up “wash and fold services near me” and add in your postcode, you are likely to see lots of dry cleaners and laundry services pop up. Looking at the reviews and actually going in before entrusting someone with your clothes is a good idea.

wash and fold service

Wash and Fold Services

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we operate on the mantra of “Value you can trust” and make sure our prices are economical but the quality of work is professional and meets your expectations. For wash and fold services across London, we charge £3 per kg and for an 8 kg bag of wash and fold, it is £15. Wash and fold services are split across the following categories:


This includes all your trousers, shirts and garments which need laundering. All washing and drying is done according to the care label instructions on the garment and if there is any risk of damage, we contact the customer before going ahead. 

Personal Wash

This includes intimates such as underwear as well as socks. Delicates are treated with great care to ensure they are not damaged. 

Duvets and home linen

All home linen items such as comforters, pillows, bed sheets and curtains are cleaned to a high standard using state of the art technologies. Because our industrial sized machinery is much larger than the average 8-9 kg washing machine you would have at home, we can clean bulky and heavy items for you. 

All our home linen items can be finished off with our ironing service which applies a special wax to give it the sheen and luxurious touch you experience in hotel room bedding. For a sound night’s sleep, opt for our hand finish ironing service as well and notice the improvement in the quality of your sleep. 

What Sets Us Apart:

Individual tagging system

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we place tickets on every single item which comes into our store so that nothing goes missing. Our tagging system produces a customer copy and a store copy. We also have a completely digital system which keeps track of every single order and all the items it contains. These measures help ensure we have faster turnaround times than the industry average in our wash and fold services.

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours but we also do express service which is more expensive but you can have your dry cleaning and laundry picked up, cleaned and delivered within just a few hours. Our express cleaning service is ideal if you are ever short on time and need your laundry back asap.

Environmentally friendly

Eco friendly detergents and solvents are used in our cleaning to ensure we are tough on stains and marks but gentle on the fibers of the fabric. We also aim to reduce our carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly. Our delivery vehicles are electronic hence, do not burn fuel. 

In house operations

All our laundry is washed, dried and ironed in house at our Old Brompton Road premises ensuring our strict quality control standards are met. We never outsource any of our cleaning to third parties because we feel that the standard is lowered. 

Affordable prices

At Gold Dry Cleaners, our business model’s central aim is to make dry cleaning and laundry affordable for the average Londoner, not just the mega affluent. We do this by keeping a strict check on our costs so we can keep prices low for our customers for all of our wash and fold services. We do not believe in cutting corners or doing hasty jobs. In fact we clean in house and have achieved economies of scale in our day to day operations which translates into economical prices. 

wash and fold services in london

Telephone/Text Updates

First our driver will en routes your address during your chosen time slot. Then, we will send you text and telephone updates so you do not have to spend valuable time waiting around. In case he is running late or because of traffic you will be informed promptly. 

You can find our economical prices on the “pricing” page of our website. We also provide free pick up and delivery all over London for all orders above £30. That means even more convenience and saving for you. So do not let your laundry baskets overflow or run out of clean socks to wear on a Tuesday morning! Place an order on our website now and one of our delivery drivers will be at your address during your chosen time slot. If you live in an apartment with a concierge, we can collect from and deliver to them. Leave any special requests you may have in the order notes. For hassle free laundry and dry cleaning, use Gold Dry Cleaners. We provide quick turnaround times and pocket friendly prices as well as professional quality cleaning. 

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