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How Much Does Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Cost?

The cost of having clothes laundered or dry cleaned is one of our most popular queries followed by how much we charge for pick up and delivery. Cost is a major factor for most people when they are deciding the trade off between spending money and saving time as well as the convenience factor. Is it worth it to spend so much money on dry cleaning when you can just do a quick cold and gentle wash cycle at home?  Can they really get out that tough oil stain or am I just wasting my money?

These are just some of the queries which arise in the consumers mind when they are assessing whether to outsource their laundry and dry cleaning.  The hefty cost of pick up and delivery is another deciding factor. However, there are many hidden costs f having to do your laundry at home as well. You miss out on watching your favorite show on Netflix, helping your child with their science project or simply taking a much needed nap.

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we have been in the business for three decades and know exactly what the customer is looking for when they opt to outsource their laundry. The broad list of people who would rather get their laundry done by a company include the following:

  • Couples where both partners work for a living.
  • College students or bachelors living in apartments with shared laundry facilities or who use a local launderette. 
  • Big families with kids. (Little ones always have a lot of dirty clothes!)
  • People who despise the task of washing, drying, folding, ironing and putting away clean clothes.

At Gold Dry Cleaners we try to understand exactly what our customers want from their laundry and dry cleaning service. As proper Dry Cleaning is one of the most important aspects for the life of cloths. We aim to tick off the three things at the top of the customers priority list which are the following:


This includes customer service as well as punctuality of the delivery driver. No body likes to be misinformed and waiting around!

Consistent Quality

So many of us have had the experience of trying out a new restaurant or service facility. The first time everything was great but the second or third time, the quality starts to go down and you end up getting disappointed and having to go elsewhere. Consistency is hard to maintain when it comes to service but so very important to retain customers.


We all want things to be easy on our pocket especially and economically viable. This includes no hefty service charges and collection fees.

laundry service london

Laundry Service London

Now that we have established what a customer wants from their laundry service, we will highlight how Gold Dry Cleaners provides you with just that. Here is how do it:

  • Complete in house operations

We never outsource any of our laundry and dry cleaning to third party companies as many of our competitors do. This helps us be consistent in terms of quality. All our cleaning is done to very high standards because our expert team does it at our Old Brompton Road premises. This also helps us ensure our prices are lower than the industry average.

  • Bespoke floorless system and individual tagging

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we individually tag every item which comes into our store. This helps ensure none of our items go missing and we do not have to delay orders and have our customers wait extra. Hence, we have fast turnaround times of just 24 hours.

  • Central location

We are located in the heart of London, Chelsea. Our central location makes it easy for us to get all over London. Our factory is also located on Old Brompton Road further reducing our travel times.

Our laundry service has 5 star reviews on Google with most of our patrons praising our professionalism and quality. Customer service is at the heart of our business and we aim to be consistent with our quality. 

laundry service pickup and delivery

Laundry Service Pick Up and Delivery

Gold Dry Cleaners offer a dedicated laundry service pick up and delivery which is free of charge for all orders above £30. All of our prices are much more affordable than other Dry Cleaners in the Market. The postcode checker on our website is a useful feature which allows you to type in your postcode and see if we serve your area. We currently operate in Cheslea, Fulham, Belgravia, Victoria and as far as Croydon and Dartford. You can select a pick up and delivery date and time from all the available ones on the website.

Our laundry pick up and delivery service is a handy way of getting your clothes and bed linen cleaned without having to brave London’s busy roads. Your clothes are cleaned with the best quality solvents and detergents. This leaves them fresh and fragrant ready to be hanged in your wardrobe or worn straight away. All clothes are cleaned according to the manufacturers care label instructions and if we fear any damage, we always inform the customer prior to starting procedures.

Be it a silk dress, a cotton T- shirt or a pair of corduroy trousers, we can alter, repair clean and iron it for you. For a one stop solution to all your laundry needs, phone up Gold Dry Cleaners at 0-790-815-4397 or place an order through our website It is a simple four step procedure. Place your order and choose a pick up time. Your order will be collected by one of our dedicated delivery drivers. It will be brought back to our store to be cleaned/pressed and then delivered back to your home or office address.