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Common Myths About Dry Cleaning That People Still Believe

There is no doubt that many people  use dry cleaning services for their garments, wool carpets, rugs, and other fabrics. Clothing can be cleaned effectively through the dry cleaning process, which uses liquid-based treatments to remove soil and residue from fabrics.

Most people also know that dry cleaning is an approach to stain removal that does not compromise the fabric of your garments, even when dealing with tough stains like red wine and grease. Many people remain in the dark despite the widespread understanding that dry cleaning may address virtually any issue with soiled garments.

Assumptions are to blame for misunderstandings. It’s a choice, but some individuals would rather not know what goes on behind the scenes at the dry cleaners. Fortunately, this article dispels the most widespread myths about dry cleaning, so all is not lost. What you must realise is that technological progress is relentless. Dry cleaning has undergone extensive research to ensure that its procedures and chemicals are not only user-friendly but also harmless to humans.

Common Dry Cleaning Myths

Here is the list of common dry cleaning myths about dry cleaning, we’ll provide the facts that you can decide for yourself.

  • Wait as long as possible before dry-cleaning
  • Only dirt causes laundry
  • Dry cleaning is a one-step process
  • Dry cleaning requires only the correct equipment
  • A low-cost dry cleaner is preferable
  • After drying, store garments in plastic bags
  • There’s a Distinct Smell Left Behind by Dry Cleaning
  • Dress Clothes Don’t Need to Be Cleaned in a Dry Cleaner
  • Dry washing fades natural colours
  • Use cheaper Club Soda!

Let’s check the facts about these myths.

Dry Cleaning

Myth 1: Wait as long as possible before dry-cleaning

You could end up spending a lot of money due to this misunderstanding. If you can put off sending your clothes to the dry cleaners for as long as possible, you will wind up wearing the same things over and over again. The filth and stains on your clothes just keep on piling up. The scent of dirty clothes will permeate the entire closet, even if they aren’t worn for a while.

Wet stains from liquids might spread to nearby dry cloth. As you probably guessed, the situation worsens when you consider that the suit cleaning service might not be able to fix the clothes.

If you wash your clothes less frequently, you increase their wear and tear. Try to maintain some order in your closet. After each use, separate the clothes by colour and dirtiness. When making plans, you should also factor in time to pick up your dry-cleaned garments.

Myth 2: Only dirt causes laundry

All over again, this is just untrue. First and foremost, garments must be clean and pressed before they can be worn. They should also be clean and pleasant to the nose. The preceding criteria must be met before a piece of fabric can be considered wearable. The presence of filth is thus not the primary justification for having one’s garments dry cleaned.

Dust, pollen, air pollution, fungi, germs, cigarette smoke, and exhaust fumes from vehicles are just a few of the many potentially harmful compounds that can cling to your clothing throughout the day. Sweat from your body is absorbed by your clothing, making the situation even worse.

As you may expect, your clothing accumulates all the aforementioned pollutants and toxins. If you don’t clean up after yourself, you can end up with a rash or respiratory issues.

Myth 3: Dry cleaning is a one-step process

The truth is that dry cleaners employs a number of methods to clean your garments. Stains on clothing can be removed using techniques like dry foam or chemical treatments. In addition, the water used in the process is heated in order to effectively attack any dirt on the fabric. The dry cleaning industry is aware that some stains cannot be removed without using both chemicals and heat.

Clothes that will be dry cleaned must be separated by fabric type before being put through the machines. Cleansing settings for different fabrics vary greatly. As a result, we’ll separate them and give each species its own unique blend of chemicals and the temperature of the water. Other times, suction is used to force the grime out of the fabric.

Myth 4: Dry cleaning requires only the correct equipment

 Really, it’s not true at all. Most businesses today have adequate resources; some even have the cutting-edge machinery money can buy. Do they have the proper employees to run this machinery? When it comes to cheap suit dry cleaning, the quality of the service is directly proportional to the quality of the employees.

If you use hot water cleaning machines, your staff needs to be properly taught to use them safely and effectively. The fabric shrinks if the hot water is left on for too long. The material actually crumbles to bits, which is even worse. All the people concerned are going to have to spend a lot of money on this. In this case, more than high-tech machinery is needed. The proper individuals need to have the right skills to complement the equipment.

On the plus side, you probably wouldn’t even think about it because all licenced dry cleaners adhere to stringent requirements.

Myth 5: A low-cost dry cleaner is preferable

Really? No. Cheap is expensive, and you need to recognise that. As an additional note, you should not assume that the cheap suit dry cleaning will provide you with the best services. There is more to just looking for a company that offers the cheap suit jacket dry cleaning cost for its services. It’s likely that there are additional fees that should have been included in the original estimate or invoice.

However, there are better options than excessively pricey businesses. Keep an open mind and realise that the advertised costs may reflect something other than the actual prices offered at the dry cleaners.

Myth 6: After drying, store garments in plastic bags

It’s not like that at all. After washing your garments, place them in a plastic bag to prevent them from splattering with excess water or other liquids. Experts recommend giving your garments some breathing room by hanging them up.

Clothes that have been stored in plastic bags without ventilation can shrink and develop a musty odour because of the trapped moisture. Moreover, the chemicals used in dry cleaning can react, perhaps leaving marks on the garments. As was already said, wearing stale clothing can be harmful to your health. Do what you can to let some air into your clothes.

Dry Cleaning Services

Myth 7: There’s a Distinct Smell Left Behind by Dry Cleaning

Some people who have never or rarely had their clothes dry cleaned may attribute the distinctive odour to the dry cleaning procedure itself. It’s a common misconception that this procedure necessitates the use of dangerous chemicals. On the contrary, it’s one of the greenest options for laundering garments.

While it’s true that freshly cleaned garments will have a faint dry cleaning odour, that scent will dissipate after the garments have dried. The fluid used to clean the garment is a mixture of water and trace amounts of perc, a cleaning product produced from petroleum, which is what causes the problem.

Myth 8: Dress Clothes Don’t Need to Be Cleaned in a Dry Cleaner

Even if you can get away with not dry cleaning your formal clothes on occasion, you really should try to avoid doing so. Formal attire can be damaged by chemicals and sweat from frequent washing. While dry cleaning isn’t required for most types of clothing, it does help maintain a fresh appearance.

Myth 9: Dry washing fades natural colours

Over time, repeated washings and wearings will fade the colours in your garment. This is inevitable whether or not you routinely take them to a dry cleaner. Dry cleaning, in contrast to both hand washing and machine washing, extends the lifespan of your garments. Dry cleaning solvent is less dense than water, so it slides more easily through the fabric.

Myth 10: Use cheaper Club Soda!

While club soda has been touted as a miracle solution for removing tough stains at home, it just isn’t a suitable replacement for professional dry cleaners. Many of our clients have previously seen how it can make a persistent stain even more ingrained in the fabric. You should take your stained item to the best dry cleaners as soon as possible after you have carefully removed any excess stain. Let them know the whole truth about the problem and what led to it so they can come up with the most effective remedy.

The Bottomline

Dry cleaning is often surrounded by misinformation. Many folks don’t give it any thought or research. In case you’re unfamiliar with dry cleaning and have never had your clothes professionally cleaned, you could be pleasantly surprised by how simple and quick the process is.

Dry Cleaning Services can preserve natural fibres in your clothing from deterioration. It’s eco-friendly and efficient, making it a viable substitute for detergents made with water.

The top dry cleaner in the UK is Gold Dry Cleaners. We promise that we only employ the best practises when it comes to dry cleaning and caring for your clothes. Get in touch with us right away.

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