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What are the Benefits of Wash and Fold Services?

When a vast majority of Brits are asked about their least favorite house hold chore, laundry is at the top of the list second only to doing the washing up! wash and fold laundry is not only the least favorite chore but also the second most time consuming one. For some it may be the monotony of having to iron all the clothes they have washed once they come out of the dryer while for others it may be the trouble of having to separate the whites from the darks.

Either way, laundry is one thing most people consider to be something they would happily forego if they had the choice! But alas, the horror of a permanently stained white shirt or running out of clean underwear while already running late on a Tuesday morning can be a big motivator to crank on the washing machine! But does it have to be this way? Absolutely not! At Gold Dry Cleaners, we understand the needs of the modern day, busy Londoner which is why we have our wash and fold services.

Offering turnaround times of just 24 hours as a standard, we aim to collect, wash, dry and iron your clothes and have them delivered back to you within just a day! How convenient is that? There are numerous benefits associated with availing wash and fold services some of which we highlight in this blog post. You should keep your clothes washed and altered to the proper fit to look and feel like a gentleman. Their are many benefits of altering clothes as well. So if you are sick of an over flowing laundry hamper or just do not want to bother with care labels, this post is for you!

Benefits of Wash and Fold Services


Wash and fold services become synonymous with convenience. Imagine having laundry services at the click of a button and your clothes appear all fresh and clean in just a day ready to be hung in your wardrobe or folded neatly to be placed in your drawers! Gone are the days of looking at care symbols, despairing over yet another chore on your to do list and generally juggling between work and home tasks. We aim to make life hassle free for you hence, we accommodate according to your schedule. Not going to be in?  Not a problem. We can always reschedule and the driver always calls to check. We cater to your convenience and aim to facilitate you. 

Saves Time

When you do your laundry, it is a time taking chore. Apart from washing and drying, Ironing is Defined by Dictionary as the tedious task of folding, hanging and organizing back into wardrobes. Availing wash and fold services saves you time and some dry cleaners including Gold Dry Cleaners offer 24 hour turnaround times so speed is our forte! Your cleaned clothes will be delivered back to you swiftly ready to wear or put away.

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Now affordability is a subjective term and also depends on how much you are willing to pay for your convenience. Although outsourcing your washing and drying does help you cut down on power consumption, detergent and fabric softener as well as a few other expenses, some dry cleaners charge a handsome amount especially when you factor in pick up and delivery charges or surge charges for out of hours cleaning. As per the Laundry and Dry Cleaning International Union suggests, It is a good idea to look around for a company that delivers good quality which does not break the bank and is economical for you. Some laundry companies have loyalty points or reward cad schemes which can save you money in the long run. 

At Gold Dry Cleaners, Our Prices are much more affordable than the competitors in the market. we offer free pick up and delivery for all orders above £30 so this helps you cut down on transportation charges as well. We are also economically priced and bulk orders receive discounts. For example two 8 kg bags of wash and fold laundry are priced at only £28 whereas one 8 kg bag of wash and fold is charged at £15. 

Professional Quality (no mess ups)

Have you ever made laundry mistakes? Have you ever accidentally ended up with stiff clothes after adding too much detergent into your wash? Your laundry woes can be a thing of the past because of the professional services offered by laundry companies. They have experts who use effective washing techniques and processes to clean your garments to high standards. They can also tell what method of cleaning is best for which type of fabric. So you can rest assured that you will receive thoroughly cleaned and stain free garments.

Special Needs/Requirements 

Stubborn stains or delicate fabrics can easily be catered to at a professional wash and fold service provider since most of them offer dry cleaning services as well. If your garment requires it, a reputable company will guide you beforehand and some will even customize their methods of cleaning for you. They can use eco friendly detergents or even hypoallergenic ones. Some times you can even put in additional washing instructions. Good reputable companies also ensue that no two orders are combined together especially since the Covid-19 outbreak. 

For a wash and fold service which takes care of your clothes at economical rates, choose Gold Dry Cleaners! Just access our website or call us on 07908154397 to have a chat with our tailor to find the flattering fit you are looking for. Add whichever services you wish to your cart and select a collection and delivery time slot which suits you. We aim to collect, clean and deliver clothes back within 24 hours. Use our wash and fold services to make your life hassle free and enjoy more time with friends and family. 

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