Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is far superior to laundering starting from the nature of the process itself to the kind of results and finish it produces. While some people may consider dry cleaning to be an expensive luxury which they do not really need (a washing machine and detergent do the same job more or less right?), those who fully understand the benefits of dry cleaning appreciate that it is a service which is a necessity at least for certain items in their wardrobe. Dry Cleaning items such as suits, silk shirts and leather jackets helps maintain their colour and lifespan for longer meaning you can get more wear out of them. Also some garments have the dry clean only symbol mentioned on them by the manufacturer meaning that attempting to clean them at home can be both risky and disastrous at times. 

Firstly, the process of dry cleaning gets your clothes clean with the use of little to no water. Special solvents are used to get rid of stains and marks on your clothes returning them to an “almost new” condition while preventing against common laundry problems like shrinking and distortion as well as colour bleeding. The care labels at the back or sides of your garments usually come with instructions or list of symbols to help you determine whether the clothes need to be dry cleaned or not. The symbols to watch out for are the following:

If these symbols are baffling to you, it is best to consult a professional dry cleaning company such as Gold Dry Cleaners to do the job for you. You cannot go wrong with that. This is because dry cleaners have in depth knowledge of the material and can therefore, gauge the best methods to treat your clothes. The benefits of dry cleaning go beyond just freshening up the garments and getting rid of oil stains. Read on to find out more on the benefits of dry cleaning:

  • Dry Cleaning is more gentle and less abrasive

Modern day dry cleaning such as the service provided by Gold Dry Cleaners uses eco friendly greener chemicals which are gentler on clothing than washing and drying at home. Delicate clothes especially silks, lace and net need special care to clean them without damage and a professional dry cleaner can provide you with just that. 

  • Dry Cleaning is ideal to remove stains and odours

Even though you may swear by some home remedies and the power of having bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and vinegar handy in your laundry room, a professional dry cleaner uses methods and techniques that can expertly remove stains and odours from your clothes while keeping the garment in pristine undamaged condition. While DIY methods are good every now and then, it is best to trust the experts. Oil or grease stains are nearly impossible to get rid of in the house but dry cleaning does a good job of fixing that as well.

  • Attention to detail

Professional dry cleaners are your one stop solution to wardrobe woes. You can consult them and determine the best method to clean your clothes and also most places offer ironing, dry cleaning and laundry as well as wet cleaning under one roof. This means that no detail is ever missed. Whereas at home, laundry and then ironing plus folding takes up a lot of time. Not to mention it is a cumbersome chore best out sourced. 

  • Ability to clean big and bulky items

From rugs to roman blinds, a professional dry cleaner has the ability to clean big bulky items which would normally be impossible to do at home. This is because an average family of five has an 8-9 kg drum washing machine which is not big enough to clean big and bulky items. Next time you make a trip to your dry cleaners or order online, be sure to check out their home services.

  • Dry Cleaning increases the lifespan of clothes

“Dry cleaned clothes last longer.” You may have heard and perhaps dismissed this from dry cleaning aficionados who swear by dry cleaning. But it is true. Dry Cleaning helps your clothes last longer as it is less abrasive than a normal wash and spin cycle. The colours stay vibrant for longer and the fibres are also more protected hence, you get more bang for your buck if you opt for dry cleaning!

  • Quality Guarantee

Garments undergo strict quality control checks at the dry cleaners before they are delivered back to you. At Gold Dry Cleaners, our team of experts will re clean garments (free of charge) if they feel that the best results have not been achieved. 

Creating a work life balance in a busy metropolitan city like London is hard. Work demands and the ever increasing traffic on the roads means barely any quality time to spend with family or doing leisure activities. Make your life easier and stress free by outsourcing your laundry, dry cleaning and ironing to Gold Dry Cleaners. Offering free collection and delivery for all orders above £30, we aim to seamless fit into your busy schedule as we offer on demand services. Phone us at 07908154397 or place an order using our website www.goldddrycleaners.com any time of the day and night. We aim to offer unmatched quality and convenience in London to all our patrons. With the motto of “Value you can trust”, you can reap all the benefits of a high quality dry cleaning service from the comfort of your home with Gold Dry Cleaners. Our dry cleaning prices start from just £11.50 for a two piece suit and we have many deals and discounts for bulk orders and regular customers. To avail high quality dry cleaning at affordable prices, Gold Dry Cleaners is your best bet in central London. 

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