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What are the Benefits of Altering Clothes?

“The better it fits, the better it looks”. This is the mantra we operate on with our clothing alterations and repairs service. We have a dedicated tailor on our premises Master Rajab who specializes in making your garments as flattering on you as possible. Gold Dry Cleaners provide high quality clothing alterations for all our clients who are passionate about fashion and style. Make your own unique style statement with our tailoring service and get the fit you desire. In this blog post, we will share some of the benefits of altering your clothes instead of just buying and wearing them off the rack. Read on below to find out all the reasons you should get your clothes altered.

Improves Appearance:

It is amazing how a few changes in fit can impact your whole look. No matter how expensive or elegant the garments are, they will not add the element of class to your appearance and style unless they fit well. Their are countless advantages when it comes to altering of clothes. Alterations of clothes is said to be Therefore, items like suits, blazers and dresses which are used in a formal setting should always be altered or tailored to fit you properly.

Saves Money:

The cost of tailoring is one of the top reasons people steer clear of alterations. But tailoring is a worthwhile investment in the long run because it saves you from the need of having to replace items which works out to be more expensive. Some wardrobe staples such as jeans and T-shirts are inexpensive and easy to replace. You should be careful while performing their dry cleaning as many laundry problems occur when it comes to washing and laundry cleaning of clothes. High end garments especially should be tailored as it costs more to replace them.

Stay on Trend:

Alterations and a few nips and tucks here and there can transform old clothes into new. A brooch sewn on a blazer or a hemline shortened can turn your old drab garments into new on trend pieces. You don’t have to part with your favorite clothing items just because they are old and outdated, Gold Dry Cleaners tailoring service can help you get more wear out of them by transforming into new on trend pieces. 

Buy Sale/Second Hand Items:

Don’t leave that dress on the shelf or the pair of trousers on the rack just because they are not in your size or too long for you. Tailoring can open up the possibility of having it tweaked to fit you. So go ahead and indulge in that half price item and simply get it altered. 

laundry services and alteration services in london

Online Alterations Service

Gold Dry Cleaners are your one stop shop for everything laundry and dry cleaning. We also provide alterations and repairs service. Our Old Brompton premises is equipped with a fitting room on the premises so you can try your garments on before you take them home with you to ensure you are happy with the job. The best recommendation we have for all our clients who use our online alterations service is to have a one to one conversation with our tailor Master Rajab so they can discuss exactly what the requirements are while the tailor can explain to them what is possible. Some of the services we provide in our online alterations service are as follows:

  • Fix trouser/skirt/dress length
  • Invisible zips
  • Sew pockets
  • Fix hemlines

For a complete list of what we do under the umbrella of alterations, visit our website and under the pricing tab, select “alterations”. 

All Alteration Services London

Do you have a secret stash of clothes in the back of your closet that don’t quite fit you but you don’t want to part with them either? Have you recently lost or gained weight and can feel your dresses are not that flattering on your body anymore? A tailoring service can help you out! Don’t discard your clothing items just because they need a few tweaks. As Wikipedia defines the Alterations as the food of clothes. A badly fitted garment is not just a waste of money and clutter in your wardrobe but also doesn’t add the some finesse to your appearance as a well cut and well fitted garment does. 

Using a tailoring and alteration service in London will be a different experience from the shop changing rooms and you will get compliments each time you wear your tailored items. They will hang more naturally and accentuate your body more as compared to off the rack garments. Our Prices are much more affordable than other competitors in the market. The high street simply does not cater for all proportions and sizes plus every single shop you go to will have different measurements for the same size. A Marks and Spencers size 12 dress will not fit you in the same way as a size 12 dress from Debenhams does and that is a fact.   

It is also vital to shop mindfully and get more wear out of your garments because “fast fashion” is not good for the environment. Fashion’s carbon footprint is rising year by year because clothes have become somehow disposable. Although many high street retailers such as Zara are aiming to extend the life cycle of their products by reusing the existing items as raw materials for further production, truth is we need to shop carefully and sustainably. Tailoring gives a new lease of life to old and tired garments making them on trend again thereby extending their wearable life rather than having them hanging around in your wardrobe or discarded. For all your tailoring and alteration needs, choose Gold Dry Cleaners. 

Call us on 07908154397 or drop in at 162 Old Brompton Road to have a chat with our tailor to find the flattering fit you are looking for. 

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