Belmont Laundry

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Clean to Perfection

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Belmont Laundry

Gold Dry Cleaners are a specialist dry cleaning and laundry company serving the area of Belmont in the borough of Sutton since quite a few decades. At Gold Dry Cleaners, our motto is “Value you can trust”. We are a specialist company with our clients spread across the city of London and its outskirts.

Cleaning everything from suede shoes to leather skirts, our employees are well trained across the board. Recently having branched into an online platform, we are keeping up with the busy lifestyle of Londoners.

Even in the suburbs like Belmont, a laundry service which picks up cleans and delivers is a requirement. Instead of taking your laundry one load at a time, call up Gold Dry Cleaners and have freshly laundered and ironed home linen and clothes delivered to your door.

Access our website for the complete range of products and services we offer. Gold Dry Cleaners is your one stop solution for shoe repairs, alterations, personal wash and fold. As the area of Surrey with its picturesque countryside is well frequented by tourists, there are quite a few Air B n B’s in the area.

Gold Dry Cleaners is proud to be one of the best Air BnB management companies in London. Our delivery drivers are always punctual never leaving you in a limbo. Be it curtains, duvet covers or bath mats, Gold Dry Cleaners has you covered. Gold Dry Cleaners always stain treat before washing or dry cleaning any fabric and the finish achieved at the end of the process is unmatched.

Offering professional quality services at affordable prices is our main business objective. We keep our costs low and quality high by cleaning everything in house and not using any third party companies no matter the volume of orders. Our chief presser has been with us since the past 15 years and no crease is too deep for him to get out. Similarly most of our team members have been with us for several years and strive to uphold our high standards.

When a bag of garments is brought to us, it is carefully inspected for stains and marks. We always pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning any item or get the customer in board in case of any confusion.

Gold Dry Cleaners use superior quality K4 detergents for our dry cleaning. Not only do these detergents act tough on stains but add an extra barrier of protection to the garment protecting its fibers. K4 detergents are also more environmentally friendly.

Dry Cleaners are one of the pioneers in London’s dry cleaning and laundry industry. As it has become a modern day need, we have a 24 hour service available for pick ups as well as deliveries. If you have any questions or queries, email and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Order your dry cleaning and laundry from Dry Cleaners any time and our quality and timeliness will surpass your expectations.

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