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Back To School: How To Clean a Backpack

Back To School: How To Clean a Backpack

It is almost September already which means it is new term time. The number one back to school item on every child’s list has to be backpacks. However, instead of purchasing a new one, you can up cycle last year’s school bag. Reusing is both environmentally friendly and kinder to your pocket. Read on for some expert guidance on how to clean a backpack.

  1. The first step to clean a backpack is to empty out every pocket. You will be amazed to find everything from coins to wrappers to random bits of paper especially in the inside corners.  Remove any metal clips or fastenings which can be taken off before washing.
  • The next step is to read the care label carefully and see if the backpack is suitable for machine wash or if you should wash it by hand. Usually a warm temperature setting and a gentle cycle will do for most fabric backpacks. 
  • If there are any exterior or interior stains such as juice or food spills or maybe an uncapped pen, apply stain remover and let it sit for about 30 minutes.
  • The fourth step is to place the backpack in an old large pillowcase or mesh laundry bag before putting it in the washing machine. If washing by hand, use a brush with soft bristles and laundry detergent to clean the backpack. Fill up a tub with lukewarm water and after cleaning with the detergent, rinse out the backpack and blot excess water with a thick towel. Do not wring or twist it because it can damage the trim.

Cleaning a backpack at home is not too complicated. But, if you have one with leather or suede trims, it is best to outsource cleaning to the professionals. Gold Dry Cleaners are experts in cleaning all types of fabrics and materials. Visit our website or contact us for more advice on how to get your child’s backpack clean and bright for he new school year.

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