Altrincham Dry Cleaners

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Clean to Perfection

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Altrincham Dry Cleaners

Gold Dry Cleaners are a 24 hour dry cleaning and laundry company offering our services whenever and wherever our customers need them. We do everything from washing and folding to heel repairs and alterations. Such a comprehensive range of services at a reasonable price point is hard to find.

At Gold Dry Cleaners we manage to keep our prices low by doing everything in house. Every order is cleaned by one of our expert team members to the highest standards. We do not out source business to any third parties like some of our competitors such as Love2laundry and I hate ironing.

Gold Dry Cleaners team is an expert in cleaning because we train them regularly and also most of our employees have been with us for years so have lots of experience. Be it delicate fabrics like lace or suede gloves or a leather jacket, we can clean everything in our factory. Our factory based in Chelsea has state of the art machinery that undergoes regular maintenance checks and is replaced every 3-5 years. As a result, our finish and quality of cleaning is in a league of its own.

Gold Dry Cleaners always follow the manufacturers instructions when it comes to dry cleaning. The temperature and the type of cycle is strictly adhered to. This is to prevent shrinkage or loss of vibrance of the fabric. If we feel like the stains might not come off or cleaning may cause damage to the fabric, the customer is always taken into confidence.

AT Gold Dry Cleaners we use only the best quality eco friendly solvents for all our dry cleaning. These are tough on stains but gentle on the fabric itself. Gold Dry Cleaners operates on a simple hassle free process. The customer can place their order either through our website or using the phone. You can even email us to place your order.

After the order is placed, it is collected at the chosen time slot by one of our delivery drivers. The order is then cleaned at our factory, packed or folded and then delivered back to the customer’s address at their allocated time slot. Our drivers use Waze to navigate London’s busy roads hence are rarely ever late for deliveries.

We have a centralized computer based system at our Chelsea store to track exactly where a driver is at any given time so in case of any changes or hold ups, the customer can be notified immediately. At Gold Dry Cleaners, we understand the importance of time therefore, we aim to always be punctual and deliver on our word.

Gold Dry Cleaners have some of the fastest turnaround times in the dry cleaning industry in Central London. We achieve this by having bespoke floorless systems, individually tagging items to prevent any mix ups and having a factory based in the heart of a bustling metropolis.

For the best quality dry cleaning or laundry services at affordable rates in Altrincham, contact Gold Dry Cleaners, the best in the business.

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