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What is the Advantage of Folding Clothes?

For some people folding laundry is one of those therapeutic chores which they find calming and relaxing. It allows them to switch off from daily life and keep doing the same thing over and over which they find to be a stress reliever. However, for others folding laundry can be one of those time consuming and irksome chores which they would rather not do. They would rather just stuff wrinkled clothes back in their drawers. No matter what school of thought you belong to, folding laundry has many benefits. We will attempt to shed some light on the advantages of folding laundry in this blog post.

Benefits of folding clothes

The calm and pleasure you feel, As soon as you take a sight at your properly washed and folded clothes is just amazing. The Cost of Wash and Fold Service is pretty affordable when you compare it with the comfort it provides you. Here are some of the benefits of folding clothes listed:

  • Folding your clothes and putting them in their proper space allows you to have more cupboard space instead of having clothes strewn about in random haphazard piles. The space you need to store clothes will be reduced if they are neatly folded and kept in order.
  • It is a good practice to put your clothes back in their proper space after you come back home from a trip and unpack or after you have finished doing laundry. Folding your laundry straight away reduces clutter and makes your living space look cleaner.
  • Folding your clothes reduces wrinkles and creases which is an even better news for you if you are not a fan of ironing. Wrinkles are caused by water and heat and if you leave them in the dryer it worsens the situation. After you take clothes out of the dryer, fold them neatly to have your shirts and trousers looking their best and smooth.
wash and fold services in London

As the Wikipedia suggests Clothing doesn’t just mean to buy body wears but to keep them washed and folded decently is an art in itself. Keeping your clothes folded does not only keeps your mind healthy but it is a great gesture to anyone who ever takes a look at your wardrobe.

  • Folding your clothes and organizing them in neat piles means that you will be able to find anything you need easily instead of having a hard time locating them.
  • Need a clean T-shirt? Being organized means you know exactly where to find it instead of have to rifle through various drawers and cupboards. Keep frustration and last minute panic to a minimum by organizing and folding your clothes.
  • Perhaps the biggest benefit of folding clothes is that it makes them last longer. Folding clothes increases their durability. Leaving clothes in random corners of the house means they are more likely to be kicked or stepped on.
  • Throwing clothes around means that delicate items will get damaged while the embellishments or buttons on them will also come off. Folding your clothes and putting them away decreases the risk of them getting damaged.

Folding Clothes: Busting Anxiety

Organizing and Folding clothes can be calming and relaxing. This is the reason why You Tube folding tutorials as well as how to conserve space while packing for holidays have millions of views. People like Marie Kondo have become global sensations for their unique and out of the box ideas on organizing and getting rid of chaos. Millions follow the Marie Kondo method to de clutter their life and organize themselves better. So folding has in fact become like an oasis of calm in the middle of the chaos of everyday life.

Getting a fine Wash and Fold Service not only saves your hassle and time but is also one of the most wise choices to make. With the newly invented techniques in the modern era the dry cleaning services in London have gone high to a new level. Their expertise in laundry and dry cleaning is remarkable and is said to be thousands of times more than a century back.

According to Linda Blair, a psychologist “When you have an ability to predict where you are going to pick up underwear, where you’ll pick up your tights, the cortex – which is always planning, always predicting – can relax a bit. Your cortisol levels go down. You get processing space and you get psychological relief through the stress hormones going down.” So organizing and folding your clothes is in fact good for your mental health as well as being a stress reliever.

Clothes washing and folding service

Gold Dry Cleaners have a 5 star rated clothes washing and folding service based in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We offer standard turnaround times of 24 hours and you can get your clothes collected and delivered back to you for free if your order amount exceeds £30. So if you are ever on the search for an affordable and reliable clothes folding service near you, choose Gold dry Cleaners.

Our 24 hour online platform means that we can send a driver over to your location no matter what time of the day it is. Where most dry cleaners and laundry shops operate on typical office timings of 8 am to 6 pm or 9 am to 7 pm, we go one step further in providing our customers with the utmost convenience.

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we understand that the need to have clean clothes can arise at any time of the day or night and hence, we are there whenever you need us. No address is too far from us as we cover the whole of London. The post code checker on our website can help you if you are ever confused whether we cover your area or not. Use our clothes washing and folding service to get pristine and perfectly immaculate clothes delivered to your doorstep. 

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