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24 Hour Dry Cleaners Near Me

24 Hour Dry Cleaners Near Me

Gold Dry Cleaners is an online 24 hour dry cleaning company available whenever you need us and wherever you are. Our 24/7 dry cleaning service means you can place an order for anything from carpet cleaning to suit pressing to an alteration anytime during the day or night. We have a vast portfolio of services available all of which are done in house at our factory on Old Brompton Road in Chelsea.

Everything from shoe repairs to missing buttons and broken zippers can be fixed here. Our 24 hour service means we seamless blend in with your schedule and give you the peace of mind you need. Gold Dry Cleaners operates on a simple three step process. The customer places an order on the website and chooses a pick up time slot. The driver picks up the order and brings it back to our factory in Chelsea where it is cleaned. After cleaning, it is delivered back to the customer.

All garments are cleaned according to the manufacturer’s care label instructions. If we are not satisfied with the quality of cleaning, the garments are re cleaned without any extra charges before delivery to the customer. At Gold Dry Cleaners, we ensure that no machine is over loaded to compromise on quality.

Our strict quality control measures ensure consistency with each and every order. 24 hour dry cleaning is something which is a need in a bustling city like London. This is because of people’s busy lifestyles and having to juggle home and office routines.

Gold Dry Cleaners aims to facilitate our customers 24 hours a day by offering express dry cleaning services in turn around times of as little as 4 hours. This is possible due to our bespoke floorless systems and all the work being done in house by our expert team.

This is because we believe that the quality and finish we can achieve in house is not something that can be replicated by a third party company. Dry Cleaning to us is not just a business but something we are passionate about. Having been in the business for 30 years now, we are familiar with all the ins and outs of cleaning and stain removal. With our slogan of “Value you can trust”, Gold Dry Cleaners hope to become your number one choice when it comes to 24 hour dry cleaning and express cleaning services

One of the most unique selling points we have is our accessibility. We cover the whole of London whereas most dry cleaners do not have the ability to do so. The use of computerized software and electric vehicles has massively altered the way we do business in recent years.

Having done away with paper based manual systems means more efficiency and environmental consciousness which is so important in today’s world. If you are looking for 24 hour dry cleaners near your location, look no further than Gold Dry Cleaners. Excellent quality and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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