24 Hour Dry Cleaners Near Me

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Clean to Perfection

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24 hr dry cleaners near me

Gold Dry Cleaners are one of the industry leaders in the dry cleaning business in London, United Kingdom. Even though we have been operating in the area of Chelsea since nearly 30 years having begun our operations in 1990, it is only recently we have developed an online platform. This platform, Gold Dry Cleaners felt was required to keep up with modern times and also give customers greater flexibility.

The Covid-19 pandemic escalated our online system development more as we felt that most customers deemed it too dangerous to get out of the house. Hence we felt that a 24 hour internet based Dry Cleaning set up was the need of the hour. Our website www.golddrycleaners.com was created in early 2020 to facilitate our customers and provide them professional quality laundry and dry cleaning services.

Now customers do not have to adhere to the 9 am to 5 pm timings, rather they can place their orders at any time of the day or night. Offering a complete range of all services including shoe repairs, alterations and even carpet and curtain cleaning, Gold Dry Cleaners is your one stop solution to all your cleaning needs.

Our simple three step process involves our delivery drivers picking up customers order from their address. The order is brought to our state of the art factory in Chelsea where it is cleaned and pressed. The order is then delivered back to the customer at their chosen time slot.

Our delivery drivers are fully trained so any customer queries can be answered and any problems resolved on the spot. Dry Cleaners offers its customers express cleaning, 24 hour dry cleaning and same day delivery as a standard across all our orders. All garments are inspected upon arrival and then cleaned according to the manufacturer’s care label instructions.

All orders are kept separate from each other to prevent any cross contamination. Strict quality control checks are carried out once cleaning has been complete to ensure that the garment is pristine and will meet the customer’s expectations, rather exceed them.

Gold Dry Cleaners have certain unique selling points which set us apart from our competitors. Our computerized systems allow us to operate much more faster than we would whilst using a manual system. The use of Waze in our delivery vehicles has been one of our best decisions in terms of beating the traffic and route optimization.

At Gold Dry Cleaners, every single dry cleaning or laundry order that comes in is processed in house by one of our expert team members. Having decades of experience, we do not entrust any third party companies with our client’s items.

Be it leather or suede or any delicate beaded item, we clean it at our state of the art factory in Chelsea. This helps us keep our prices affordable and also keep a strict check on all the quality control measures. If any garment or home linen item does not meet our criteria, it is re cleaned before delivery to the customer.

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